Water Marbling – How to

Hello Beans

Today I have one of my all time favourite nail designs methods for you. Water marbling is simple and yet so beautiful. You could use the same colours but have a completely different design each time.

Tools needed

Nail polish 2-6 colours of your choice
Base Coat
Top Coat
A small deep bowl (one you don’t mind getting dirty)
Nail polish remover
Cotton wool

I would recommend keeping it simple the first time you try this. Use at most of 3 colours, to begin with, to avoid complicating as you have to work quick but fluently. 


To begin with fill your bowl with cold water and gather all your other tools within easy reach. Also, make sure to unscrew the tops on all your bottles so they’re easier to use. Nail polish that drips is best so ones that are a good consistency and have plenty left in the bottle.

Put on a layer of base coat. You may also choose a colour if you wish to put on that as a base also. If the pattern goes onto a clear nail then it will show as more translucent. If it goes on top of a colour then it will reflect that.

Once completely dry you can start making your design. The trick to this is to make sure all your bottles are ready and your toothpicks as well. Work quickly but neatly. All you need to do it drip a blob of your colours into the water. Make sure you are close to the surface when you do it. They can be any size, any order and they can be either on top of next to each other or a combination of the two.

You can see here that I’ve used 3 colours and placed blobs of each all over. I’ve also done 2-3 layers.


Once you have this grab your toothpick and begin spreading your design as you wish. You can make patterns of any kind. Act quickly here as the nail polish will be drying. An example pattern could be something like this.


When you have your pattern as you want it choose where you want to place your fingers. I would recommend doing 1/2 nails at a time, to begin with, but depending on the size of the pattern you can do up to 3 or 4. All you need to do for this part is to place your nails with your nail side touching the design.


The trick is to place your fingers through the design and then into the water. Hold your fingers there. Then, use the toothpick and with your other free hand start swirling the pattern on the top of the water. You will notice as it dries it will all clump onto the toothpick.

Just ignore the fact that my hand isn’t in the bowl for this picture. Yours would still be in the water. This is just an example of using the toothpick to collect the nail polish.


Once you have collected the extra remove your fingers from the bowl and give them a little shake to get rid of excess water. Your fingers will look pretty messy at this point but your nails should look pretty darn good.


Before the nail polish dries completely use your top coat to secure your design and help soften the edges.


Repeat the process for all your other nails making sure to put on a top coat as you go. When you’ve finished and your nails are dry use the nail polish remover and cotton wool to remove any excess on your fingers. Don’t worry about getting every little bit as most will come off as you wash your hands through the day.


Now all you need to do is enjoy your beautiful nails and show them off to the world. People often think it’s more complicated than it is. They also probably think you’ve been to a salon to get them done :D. Have fun using different colours and creating different designs.



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Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Enjoy Beans