The Vegan Kind – June 2017

Hello Beans,
I’m a lover of subscription boxes and have been for a while. Whoever created the context of a subscription box. I bow down to you! I love them. Like a present each time it arrives and something to look forward to each month :). I only every subscribe to one box at a time. Currently, it’s The Vegan Kind. The subscription boxes I have been a member of in the past are:

  • Pact Coffee
  • Not Another Bill
  • Pink Parcel
  • Birchbox 
  • Glossybox 

I have cancelled each for one reason or another and have varying opinions of all. If you would like me to divulge further and share my opinions or answer any questions then feel free to ask away here.   Now, onto the newest subscription addition. The Vegan Kind. Going for a vegan subscription box was the obvious choice when I turned vegan. I felt it would work well as an introduction to the new way of living. I did some research and the most prominent and established box in the market seemed to be The Vegan Kind. After reading what they offer and checking reviews I was pretty happy to go ahead and order my first one. The website is great. Full of creative illustrations, nice colours and plenty of information. The great thing about The Vegan Kind is that they also have a separate online shop with lots of vegan essentials and yummy goodies. The website is definitely worth checking out. 
The process was easy. Upon going through the first steps you select which kind of box you would life. They have two types. A lifestyle box offering various tools, luxuries, essentials and snacks. Everything from bamboo toothbrushes and candles to chocolate snacks. There is also a beauty box that is as it sounds, full of beauty items. Unlike the lifestyle box which is monthly though, the beauty box is quarterly. As much as both boxes appealed to me for different reasons I didn;t want to spend too much so I opted for the lifestyle box that in my opinion seemed to have a bit of everything. 


Once selected you also get a chance to select what kind of payment plan you want to be in. Between paying once a month, every 3 months, every 6 months or even a one off yearly payment. For now, I have opted for monthly as it allows me the freedom to cancel as I wish if I feel it’s necessary. 


Upon ordering my box it only took a couple of days to arrive once dispatched. One thing to note though. These guys don’t offer the option to track your box which is sent through Royal Mail 2nd Class postage. Probably not an issue for a lot of people but I always like to be able to track my boxes to make sure I’m going to be in. 

June – The vegan kind

Ok, so this is how the box arrived. Just a box on its own. No large amounts of packaging. Just a simple box which I liked 🙂 Also how pretty does it look? Really pretty colour and a nice geometric pattern. The only niggle that I had was that it said the company on the front. I can understand why they have done this as a way of marketing but it means that my post lady now knows that I’m vegan. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad thing as such that she knows but it just means that your kind of shouting about it a little more when ordering this box. 


I’m surprised by the size of the box. To be honest. I wasn’t expecting it to be so big so I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see what was within. 

 Letter – The first thing you see opening the box is this month’s letter. Other than the usual greetings and hints about what’s in the box they also have a little bit at the bottom that talks about their charity or campaign of the month. The vegan Kind donates 10p from each box sale to a charity each month which is a wonderful idea and really promotes the vegan way of living. This month’s charity is HART wildlife rescue which provides rescue, treatment and rehabilitation for wildlife. At the top, they also talk about the inspiration for this box being ‘Summer Vibes’ an obvious choice but still appreciated. 

Recipe card – Ok this is the part that I really loved and made this box stand out from others I’ve had. In each box, you get a good quality recipe card as shown below. Love this idea and I will definitely be making these pretty soon. Probably for my next cheat day 🙂 It says on the letter if you save them they give you a binder to put them in at 6 months. Wonderful idea! Love this as I enjoy having recipes to make


Ok now onto what arrived in the box. I received 6 items in the box which I would say is a very good amount for a subscription box. Especially one costing as little as this does and with the added bonus of paying towards a charity and receiving recipe cards 🙂 

Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn – sweet and salty



This is a product that I already get regularly but was still pleased to receive it in the box as I love it! Sweet and salty is my favourite flavour so they also nailed that. I love this brand’s packaging. Very welcoming and creative but still simple.The popcorn itself is delicious, one of my favourite popcorn brands and with only 115 calories fo the whole bag it fills you up and makes you feel like you have eaten a bucket full. A very good item for the box I would say. 


Harpers Candle


At first, upon seeing this brand I thought it was some kind of beauty product. Upon closer inspection, it’s a wonderful candle. I’m addicted to candles. I have a huge collection so this was a welcome surprise for the box. The brand is called Harpers and the candle is called ‘The great British summer kind’ It smells beautiful. Like a mix of fresh cotton, newly cut grass and flowers. Definitely summer garden vibes. It burns well and I feel it would last a while. The great thing about this brand is that they are one of the wonderful brands that are registered with the Vegan society as always being animal and cruelty-free. Well done Harpers candles you are on my go to vegan-friendly list! 😀

Goupie Minis Salted sticky toffee


My first thought when I saw this was definitely excited when I saw chocolate. It soon turned to doubt though when I read the words ‘sticky toffee’ upon closer inspection from the packaging it looked somewhat like fudge that was toffee flavoured. Both of those things I hate. The box they come in is very pretty and vegan-friendly. To be honest it looks like luxury chocolates the style of the packaging. Beautiful. Boy was I wrong about the taste though! I bow down to you Groupie! These are so good. Opening the packaging they look exactly like in the box. There is 6 in the bag. It’s dark chocolate filled with yummy sweet goodness with a little bit of a crunch that is very delightful for the palette. I love these! I only worry about the price if I bought these myself for the amount you get. Certainly good for a cheat day and at only 51 calories per bite, it’s probably a good thing you don’t get many in the box!

Bounce V life coconut cumin


Now, this is quite exciting. I have seen the bounce products. Especially the bounce balls in many supermarkets in Lincoln now. They seem to be popping up everywhere and make a great dense snack. I’ve had the coconut one in the past but have never seen this packaging. It clearly states on it ‘V life’ with ‘9g veggie protein’. I understand what they’re trying to do but can’t you just call it protein??
The packaging is lovely. Orange and white. Pretty abstract pattern and very friendly packaging with a little man on the logo bouncing on top of the words. Go figure :p The smell is like oats but generally doesn;t smell of a lot to be honest so I was quite sceptical at this point.The taste is delightful. Sweet coconut oats with a hint of cumin. You can taste the various nuts and seeds more than anything on it. It doesn;t taste like the flavour a lot but I thoroughly enjoyed it never the less. I love the crunch of the seeds and nuts on the otherwise soft mushy texture of the ball. Would definitely buy it again, I only wish this brand was cheaper. It’s so expensive for healthy snacks! Lol

This particular flavour was 184 calories so a good dense calorie filled snack with plenty of protein. Great for anyone on the go I would say.



Raspberry and Elderflower 100% natural energy. The packaging is ok. I wasn’t overly keen on what they have done with all the words. I understand they are trying to represent the fact that they have a lack of nasties in there drink and really showing you the ingredients but it’s a little wordy for attractive packaging I would say. Opening the can you get hit with an instant smell of raspberries which I love. Tastes almost like sweet raspberry infused water. Can’t really taste the elderflower but that’s probably just my taste buds. The only thing that does put me off though is that it’s carbonated. I’m not normally one for fizzy drinks and never have been. If it wasn’t fizzy I would like it a lot better but it’s still not bad. I enjoyed drinking it and if I wanted a drink and saw it on the shelf I would probably have it again.

84 calories per can. It also says it’s good for pregnant and breastfeeding women. I will have to remember than for the future.

Chewsy Peppermint


All natural chewing gum. I was unsure of this one. I’m not the biggest fan of chewing gum. Only having it on occasions when needed but I was excited to find a vegan alternative to more popular brands. The packaging is a suitable colour for what it is. Nicely styled. Simple. Friendly. Reading the packaging it says ’10 sugar-free gum cubes’ Yep that’s right…..cubes! I was so excited to try this when I read that. Nice to have something different! Smells very strong of peppermint. My first thought was that it smelt like chewed up peppermint gum. You know when it’s always stronger smelling once it’s chewed? Lol sorry. But that’s what hit my nostrils.

The cubes themselves look similar to sweets with a spongy texture. The taste is great. Soft and squidgy like chewing gum should be with a lovely peppermint flavour. The only thing that put me off is that it has a slight crunch like there are bits in it. You know like when you have some sugary sweet or gum and it has bits of sugar? It’s like that but there is no sugar in these. I would prefer it without that little odd texture to distract me from the adorable gooeyness. But. I’m happy with these and would probably buy them again. I always keep my gum in the car for emergencies so I think these will be great.

My opinion

Overall, very very happy with my first Vegan kind box. There was a good amount and range of different products. I love that it’s a lifestyle box for vegans rather than just food or beauty. A bit of everything. There aren’t any of the products that I didn’t like and they will all be put to good use and probably be bought again in the future. I love the brands used and what they stand for. My only qualm would be where to buy the majority of the products that I like. It seems it would be expensive to buy them from the individual shops but I am yet to find a shop around Lincoln that does a good range of vegan products such as these but at a good price. Wouldn’t it be great if a supermarket had a proper vegan aisle rather than a little section near the milk?? Either way though. Good job TheVeganKind. You’ve made a loyal customer out of me.

Enjoy Beans!