• Dinner,  Lunch

    Creamy Tahini Dressing

    This dressing is my go-to creamy dressing for all of my salads. It’s super quick and easy to make but it tastes so good. Minimal ingredients are used and it’s super healthy. It literally takes five minutes to make. It feels so much more luxurious than the effort that has gone into making it. A great recipe for those summer BBQ salads. It would also make a great dressing for various vegetable or potato dishes. You can also have some fun with this dressing. Sometimes we add 1 tsp of mustard for a little kick. Chilli also works great. Other times we play more with herbs and add plenty of parsley…

  • Dinner,  Lunch

    Spinach Pecan Super Salad

    This has become one of my favourite salad recipes. It can take a bit of time to prep depending on how you chop your ingredients but it’s worth it. This salad is a gift from the gods. The perfect combination of sweet, crunchy, acidic. It’s delicious and super healthy. Best of all, its such a beautiful salad. So many vibrant colours in one bowl. It’s full of nutritionally packed foods. Just look at that rainbow! You don’t feel like you’re ‘just eating a salad’. It’s a full-blown meal that leaves you satisfied. The Creamy Tahini dressing goes perfectly with his salad combination. You can find the recipe for the dressing here. If you’re still feeling…

  • Everything Else

    Vanilla Iced Coffee

    How many of you are coffee lovers? Me? Not so much. But I usually like a decaf coffee in the morning as part of my routine to get me up and moving. However, I’ve never thought much about Iced Coffee. whenever I would buy it I always found it too sweet and yet too strong with caffeine. Until I made my own. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make my own Iced Coffee. It literally took 5 minutes to make this recipe and drink my Iced Coffee. Minimal ingredients and whole fewer calories than you would get if you bought one. A perfect summer pick me up. Perfect for breakfast…

  • Personal Life,  Vegan Lifestyle

    Vegan Recipes Facebook Community

    Hello, Just a quick one. As a Vegan recipe creator I have been told off all too many times for sharing my own recipes in facebook groups, so, I have created a Facebook Community where it’s allowed. Suitable for Vegans, Non-Vegans, bloggers. Everyone is welcome and self-promotion is allowed to an extent. Link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/wallyjayrecipes/ Enjoy!  

  • Oats and Porridge

    Baked Banana Blueberry Oatmeal

    Despite the generally warm weather in the UK, I woke up one morning and it was windy and cold. The sunshine has disappeared and it felt like winter had returned for the day. As usual, it meant I fancied warm food but didn’t want to fancy a bowl of usual oatmeal. I did, however, have a craving for banana and blueberries. I had always seen recipes and posts on Instagram for baked Oatmeal but had never given it a go. Before today. The premise of this recipe is pretty simple. I used how I make my normal oatmeal as the basis for this recipe, tweaked it a bit and added…

  • Lunch

    Five ingredient Hummus – Oil Free

    Perfect as a dip with crackers, carrots or tortilla chips. Hummus is a crowd pleaser and is a firm favorite in the vegan world. not just the vegan world though, lot’s of people tuck into hummus on a regular basis. It can be super healthy if you exclude the oil. It’s also quick, creamy and so good! Did I mention you don’t just have to use it for dipping? You can use it to spread onto toast, top off your jacket potato with a spoon fool or even create a delicious soup or pasta dish with hummus as the base. It’s thick, smooth, tasty, healthy and Vegan. What more could…

  • Bites and Bars

    Peanut Caramel Cookie Dough Bites

    Just a warning. These are dangerously addictive. There are 3 layers to this recipe. Each one combined with the other makes these Cookie Dough Peanut bites, moreish, delightfully decadent and dangerously good. Below is a little breakdown of the steps. For the main Recipe and Method scroll to the bottom. Step 1. Blend your cookie dough ingredients (apart from the chocolate chips). Mix with your chocolate chips in a bowl and form into balls, then make a well in the middle with your thumb, like a thumbprint cookie. Step 2. After freezing. Add your peanut caramel into the wells. Step 3. Melt your chocolate. Use a fork to coat each bite, then…

  • Light Snacks

    Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Balls

    These little balls are sweet and nutty (pardon the pun) with just a hint of coconut. At only 50 calories per ball, they’re great for a snack or an addition to a bowl of warming oats or even a smoothie bowl. These balls are pretty small, about the size of a teaspoon or a little bigger than your thumbnail. Super cute! The oats in this recipe aren’t essential, you could just use coconut on its own and add more to it but I find the oats give it that nice starchy texture and make them a lot more filling for such a small amount of calories. If you enjoy this recipe you…

  • Cakes

    Earth Cakes

    You would think after so many variations I would be fed up with these little potato cakes by now but I’m really not. I keep finding ways to make them even more exciting and more nutrient rich and it all started with that first potato cake recipe. Since then I’ve created the following variations: Zesty Lemon, Banana & Cinnamon, Peanut Butter Matcha with Peanut Buttercream and now these bad boys make it number 5 and it’s certainly a doozy. They taste like a delicious combo of Peanut Butter and Banana as approved by my non-vegan husband. But, they’re so much more than that. As well as the peanut butter and banana they…

  • Dinner,  Pasta Dishes

    Tofu Meatballs

    For days when you want a meat substitute but don’t want to buy processed foods full of chemicals or pay a large sum. These are perfect and are made simply from tofu, herbs, and spices. They’re slightly spicy but not overly, they have a nice meaty flavor and are super easy to make. Did I also mention they’re low calorie? At only 50 calories per ball if you make ten. If you would like to follow the recipe exactly with the spaghetti and sauce. I made it for two people. Ten Meatballs. 150g Spaghetti and for the sauce: 1 Tin Chopped tomatoes, 2 tbsp Tomato Puree, 1/2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast, 1/2 tbsp…