(Sunset) Ombre Hair Tutorial

Hello, Beans!
I thought I would show you guys the process I went through to dye my hair sunset inspired.In order to get my hair as light as possible, I had to do a few things.

How I faded my green hair

  • 1 Bleaching process with 30%volume  – bought on ebayFaded blue - green - june 2017
  • 2 Bleach baths – mix the bleach solution with shampoo
  • 6 Vitamin c treatments – mix crushed vitamin c tablets with baking soda, peroxide and shampoo.
  • Washed my hair with hot water and anti dandruff shampoo, a lot!

I did the above treatments across two months with lot’s of argan oil and coconut oil in between treatments.

The final colour I was left with was one shade lighter than the picture on the right.

Colours used

I buy all my hair colours from here https://www.beeunique.co.uk/

  • Directions –  Plum
  • Adore – Pink Rose
  • Directions – Mandarin Orange

Tools needed

  • Towels
  • Cheap conditioner
  • Mixing bowls
  • Tinting brush
  • Hair grips
  • Vaseline
  • Comb
  • Gloves
  • Hair dye
  • Olaplex no2  (optional)
  • Cling film


As you can see I decorate the whole of my bathroom with towels. I place one on the floor, one on the bath, one on the toilet. All for protection. I then keep one to the side for a spare and I used one to wipe my hands on regularly.


The conditioner I recommend is any cheap conditioner. Normally own brand ones work fine. Just make sure it’s a simple conditioner that doesn’t protect hair colour or anything like that.

The clips are cheap ones that I use on my hair to clip it up once the hair dye is on.

The bowls again are cheap eBay paper ones. Lot’s for a small amount of money so I tend to throw them out after.

Use the Vaseline to put around your hairline, ears and neck to stop the hair dye staining your skin.

I didn’t use the comb but it can be handy to have to separate your hair into sections or to comb the hair dye through.

img_20170720_075450937.jpgI bought a big box of gloves off eBay, good for how much I dye my hair.

Cling film is a preferred tool for dying your hair. Once the dye is on wrap your hair up. preferably double wrap to trap in the warmth and it helps the hair dye to penetrate your hair and soak in better. It can always speed up the whole process.


If you haven’t heard of Olaplex, in simple terms it’s an amazing ingredient for hair that reduced the damage and repairs bonds that aggravating treatments can cause to your hair. Olaplex no 2 is good to mix into your hair dye.

I bought two bottles of each hair colour. I used 1 tub of the bottle. 1/2 of the pink and a small amount of the orange.

IMG_20170720_080811806This is the colours mixed up. You only need a small amount of Olaplex in each one. You do it by ear with the colour mixes. The more conditioner you add the lighter the resulting colour will so just add it until your happy.

The first thing I did dying my hair was to put the purple on all of my roots.

From here I did little sections at a time. Grabbing each section I would start with the purple at the top and make sure to rub it into my roots. After each colour is done make sure to wipe your hands with the towel. Also, make sure to blend each section slightly into the other.

Work your way around your whole head making sure each section is coated onto the rooted and blended slightly together to make it less of a distinctive line between each colour. This took me a long time to put on my hair as it’s long and thick.

When you’ve finally finished putting all the dye on; wrap the sections in cling film so they don’t mix and clip them up. Then wrap your whole head in more cling film and preferably also a hair towel.

I left it on for 3 hours as a deep conditioner for my hair. Then washed it with cold water only and let it air dry. This was the result.




I’m really encaustic with how it came together. I think it will fade really beautifully as well. It’s very vibrant, the colours didn’t stain that bad ad I’ve had 0 stains on my bed covers and pillows while sleeping with this hair. Really pleased 😀

If you have any hair related question then feel free to ask away! Depending on the number of questions asked I may do a hair Q&A post.

I would also love to see your bright hair combos!

Thanks Beans!