September 2017

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Yay, review time! I’m still addicted to the chocolate pot out of last months box. Make sure to check my review of previous months. I’m now on my 4th month of ‘The Vegan Kind’ Lifestyle box and I’m loving every minute of it…or every box 😀 I also review their beauty boxes. The most recent review for this can be found here.

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The Reviews

Livias Kitchen Salted Maca Caramel Biccy Boms 40g (£1.79)

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Rating – 8/10

I didn’t put two and two together as I’ve actually had something by this brand before which was the salted date caramel millionaire bites that come in a tub and they were amazing!


Love this packaging specifically. I probably didn’t recognise the brand name because the packaging for this product is very different to the packaging for their tubs.


These aren’t very low in calorie but you won’t regret munching your way through them either.


They look like two normal chocolates. Somewhat reminding me of teacakes on first look. I used to be a major lover of teacakes. Do you have them where you are or are they a UK thing?

The inside is just like the pictures. The biscuit layer is a lot softer than I was expecting but I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing. The filling is sweet like dates should be and the combination of the two with the chocolate on top is very moreish and delectable.


They are really very nice. Sweet but not to sweet. These feel slightly healthy as well because of the influence of the dates. They really aren’t though.

I wish caramel flavour was actually caramel but that seems impossible for it to be vegan. Camarel made vegan is always made from dates. Don’t get me wrong. I love dates but it would be nice to have something different.

I joked to my husband it would be difficult to be vegan if you didn’t like/had an allergy to nuts, dates, banana or hummus. Luckily all things that I love and I had no allergies that I know of.

I would definitely buy these again, I only wish snacks like this were less expensive. One of the most frustrating things about being a vegan is the cost of snack foods compared to non-vegan versions. It doesn’t seem fair to pay more for the better products.

Also, a quick note on the website. Livia has her own cookbook available through the website as well as some yummy recipes that I will be making sure to do at some point as they look pretty good and if the other products are anything to go by I know they will be pretty darn tasty.

Lenny & Larry White Chocolate Macadamia Nut 113g (£2.50)

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Rating – 10/10


I have previously had the birthday cake one before so I was very excited to try this flavour as this is one of my favourites and my first experience with this brand was sublime.

These cookies have lots of protein, 16g to be exact which is great. I picture someone grabbing something like this and munching their way through it when they leave the gym due to the high protein content.

Or, if you’re like me and don’t go to the gym you may just enjoy pigging out on these.

The serving size for one cookie is two people. I don’t know about you but I have never really known people to split a cookie.


No nasty stuff other than the calories as you can see.


These things are huge. I can see why they would be for two servings. I did share mine with my husband this time but I wouldn’t normally. I think it’s silly sharing a cookie. It would make more sense to me to have two cookies in one pack layered on top of one another and just have a thinner cookie. Don’t you think?

This was super good. A favourite flavour for definite. The sweetness of the chocolate goes so well with the nuts. A lovely flavour combo. Also probably the best white chocolate I’ve had since going vegan. I need a bar of this white chocolate in my life.

My husband (non-vegan) wasn’t as much of a fan as I was but he still liked it.

Cheeky P’s Curry Flavour Roasted Chickpeas 52g (£1.30)

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Rating – 6/10


Love the packaging of these! Groovy, summer vibes. Very clever and creative with the chickpea and the colours used. I would so have this as my desktop wallpaper. Yep, that’s just the type of person I am.


Love the little leaf pattern on this part of the packaging as well.

High in fibre and protein. Always a win. They do contain palm oil which I know some vegans try to avoid but it’s a product that is in a ridiculous amount of products so this is easier said than done for items like this.

Calories are pretty standard and what you would expect for this kind of snack.


Not to dance but filling enough for a snack according to the nutritional info.


These were a little dry because of the chickpea skins but they had a very nice flavour. I wouldn’t say it was a curry flavour which is odd because they are actually flavoured with curry powder. They taste earthy and slightly spicy. It’s hard to explain but I was picturing a tikka or korma kind of flavour (silly I know) and that’s clearly not what these are so it did put me off a little.

My husband wasn’t keen. As I said they are quite dry but yummy in small doses.

Not as good as other snacks of this type for me but I would buy them again.

Pop Chips Sea Salt & Black Pepper 23g (£0.85)

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Instagram –

Rating – 4/10


The packaging for these is ok. Not as bright as I would like but I do like the little pepper and salt picture in the corner. A creative spin.

I also really like the name of this brand. It pretty much tells you what your getting right there 😀


These are low in calories which is great for a snack without worrying to much about the calories you’ve added to your dailies. They are also gluten free which is wonderful. They don’t taste gluten free as they still have that wonderful crispyness that a crisp should have.


They look like normal crisps. Nothing to see hear. Move along.


Personally, I didn’t like the flavour because I don’t like pepper flavour crisps. My husband realye enjoyed them though.

I’m generally not a big crisps person but I would say I’m likely to buy them again if I see them in a shop and need a snack due to the low calories.

Revoluation Foods Protein Sample 31g (Full size £34.99)

Website –

Insragram –

Rating – 0/10

First off, why is protein powder so darn expensive!? Especially the vegan ones. I am still in search of a reasonably priced protein powder in order to jump on the band wagon of putting some in my smooothies.


It contains what you would expect it to for the kind of product it is. Lot’s of goodness.


This tasted horrible. Nasty chemical flavour. Very powdery and it didn’t dissolve well into my smoothie even though I followed the directions exactly.

I hated this and for the price it is as well , I was pretty shocked, certainly not on my shopping list. If anyone has any receommendations on plant based protein powders then please let me know. I’m currntly using Bioglan superfoods powders but these are also quite expensive so I probably won’t keep buying them .

Beloved Dates Nectar 340g (£3)

Website –

Instagram –

Rating – 10/10

First of all. £3 for this large bottle is amazing in my opinion. For the amount you get which would last me quite a while it’s worth it on that alone.

The first thing I tried this on was toast and it was scrummy. I didn’t miss honey!


The packaging is wonderful and has some resemblence to a bottle of honey packaging wise which I loved. I  haven’t seen this being sold in any local supermarkets but I could be wrong. Maybe, I just haven’t noticed it as I’ve been too focused on getting home and eating.

I loved the size of the item that came in the box. This will last me ages! This is also going to be used for this months recipe which I’m excited about.


I’m seeing lot’s of natural vibes. Natural ingrediants, nutrients. Digging it! 21557025_10155721452183829_1603251518_o

No nastis. One slight annoyance though is that it says suitable for vegetarians. Where is the harm in putting ‘& Vegans’ on the end of that sentence. Pretty please! I feel like it makes it easier for beginner vegans or people looking to go vegan if things are clearly marked.

I believe something like this is great generally for health conscious people as well.

As it says , great on toast, pancakes, dipping, recipes etc . A wondeful all round product that tastes just like a sweet date syrup should. Definitely, a new staple for the cupboard so thanks to ‘The Vegan kind’ and ‘Beloved’.

Green Frog Natural Geranium & Peppermint BodyWash 100ml (£3.95)

Website –

Instagram –

Rating – 5/10

A little bit more on the expensive side for the size of this bottle. It would make a nice gift or a nice addition to my Christmas list but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy something at this price when I can buy bars of soap for £1.95 andcrueltyt free equivalents for cheaper than that.


Nice packing , looks upmarket but it somewhat looks like it should be a in a set with lotion and a scrubbing pad or something. anyone else get those vibes?

I feel like it’s definately the kind of product an upmarket shop like the body shop would sell. Love the products but a litttle on the expensive side.


Pretty standard ingrediants. Clearly labelled as vegan and cruelty free which is always an added bonus for me.

The product foamed up well when I used it in the shower. A nice lather and rinse.

The smell was ok….I like the peppermint side but not the geranium. I feel like the smell wasn’t pleasent together for my nostrils but that’s just me. I’m normally someone who loves mint or vanilla on their own as bodywash so maybe it’s just to extavagant for my body to deal with.

Favourites & Recommendations

Livia’s kitchen, biccy bombs, millionshiare bits . i will be trying their other prodyucts as i see them , I only wish they wer a little cheaper.

Lenny & Larry’s cookies. I’m slowly working my way through all the different flavours. This brand is a cookie firm favourite of mine. Love them.

Cheeky P’s – Even though I wasn’t an enourmous fan I feel like I al lot of people would love these and I continue to adore their packaging. The same can be said for the Pop Chips, I would be wiling to try other flavours.

Beloved Date Nectar is definately one of my favourite items in this months box. Wonderful all round products are my favourite to receive as I feel there so much mroe cost effective than a quick sanck costing a couple of pounds. I would highly receommend this product.


Overall, I enjoyed this months box, thoroughly. There are a few items than can be hit and miss but I like that because I’m always trying new things. I need to go through these reviews at some point and make a list of all my firm favourites I think.

Did anyone else receive this months box? What are your favourites? Do you agree with my reviews? Let me know!

As always if you have any questions then use the contact me page and I will reply to you ASAP. I am always looking for new ideas for things to talk about, make or review as well so please share if you would like to.

Thanks Beans