Ombre – How to

Hello Beans

This is a new section on my website as I have recently found my long lost love for nail polish, specifically nail art. This is my tutorial for ombre nails. Inspired by my current ombre hair which you can see a tutorial for here.

Disclaimer: The nail polish I have is all from before I went vegan so a lot of it isn’t cruelty-free currently. 


Ombre nails are simple, pretty and they look like they take a lot of work. You can have thousands of different combinations, patterns and designs with this nail trend. Here is an example of a few from a quick search on the web.


As I said they are pretty simple to do but can be a little messy. Great for beginners and advanced nail artists alike.

Tools needed:

Top Coat
Base Coat
Colours of your choice. Start with 2/3.
Sponge with square, straight edges
Nail polish remover
Cotton wool buds

How to

Firstly and more importantly. Make sure all the lids are undone on your bottles so easily accessible. Then put on your base coat.

Ok, the method for this is to layer your colours onto the sponge like so.


While the nail polish is still very wet. Press it onto your nail as you would if you were painting a picture in school. Just make sure to move the sponge left and right to get the edges of your nails. Dab, dab, dab. Until you’re happy with how it looks.


If you’re a beginner I would recommend doing 2/3 nails at a time. If your more experienced do your whole hand.


Then, while the nail polish is still drying going over with your top coat. Avoid pressing too hard. This helps to blend the colours together. It’s not a necessary step but it looks so much better after.

Repeat the procedure for your other hand. Don’t worry about the messy fingers.


At this point, once your nails are dry you can add more design to your nails if you would like. I added some spots to mine just to add a little brightness. Once you’ve done your design, dip the cotton buds in the nail polish remover and use this to clean up your fingers.

Apply a final top coat if you do a design.


20527557_10155600312668829_1388161053_nYou can have some real fun with this technique.


Or you can keep it as a simple ombre design which is just as pretty.


If you have any questions then ask away or contact me if you would prefer. Have fun with it and make it your own. I would love to see your designs and techniques. 🙂

Thanks Bean