My Hair Dye Timeline

Hello, Beans!
Ok, so this may be quite a long post as I have dyed my hair lots and lots over the years. At a young age, I started dying my hair with box dies. Back then I had brown, black, blue/black and red. I also went through the trend a teenager of bleaching chunky streaks into my hair. Did anyone join that hideous band wagon? Imagine dark brown hair with chunks of orange, that was my hair for about a year.

I will update this post regularly when I dye my hair 

April 2014

This is the first time I ever dyed my hair a bright colour. I started off bleaching the ends and then after about a week, I put bright pink over the top.

April 2014 - pink ends - live xxl I had this for half a year. It got to a point where I would dye the whole thing pink which looked really pretty. This frazzled my ends though due to using Live XXL colours.

October 2014

I haven’t yet learnt about vegetable based dyes and I’m unfortunately still using Live XXL colours. I also had to bleach my hair again to get to this shade. My poor frazzled hair.

october 2014 - pillarbox red - live xxl

This was using Live XXL Pillarbox Red.

February 2015

My first time using vegetable based dyes! My hair was super grateful at this point. This is also the first time I used purple,  a colour I always seem to go back to. (Sorry it’s only small pics for these ones)


As you can see, I placed the purple straight over the top of the red so it created pinky tones and became more of a purply pink rather than bright purple. This colour was Crazy Colour, Cyclamen, probably one of my all time favourite colours to use.

March 2016

More purple! Purple for days.


This was a different colour to the other one but I can’t remember what hair dye it was I’m afraid.

November 2016

I have a gap in my hair timeline here because I was getting married. I decided I wanted my hair my natural brown colour for the wedding day so I had it brown and grew it out for close to a year. However, the day after my wedding day I did this to my hair.


I had to bleach it to get to this level. This was the first time I used multiple colours on my hair. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long fade wise because of the colours used. They all seemed to fade at a different rate which I didn’t like.

December 2016

After I faded the multi coloured hair out I went over once again with purple.


I used special effects deep purple for this colour, as you can see it was slightly patchy because of the base it went over.

January 2017

Ok, I didn’t keep the purple for long before I went blue.

january 2017 - blue

Yep blue. It was a beautiful colour but I’m not sure if I would do it again. I have my faded green hair to thank for this blue.

January 2017

This is the part where I chop all my hair off and attempt to go red again. I love red but it never stays on my hair.


As you can see it was quite vibrant but as usual I didn’t keep it for long.

February 2017

From red back to pink here. A beautiful vibrant pink.

february 2017 - bright pink

This was flamingo pink over my red.

March 2017

Obviously, I haven’t learnt my lesson yet as I have several more attempts with red hair. I actually went through a few months of switching between my pink hair above and the red colour below.

february 2017

Pretty colour this red though.

March/April 2017

This time I felt like something different. Because my hair kept holding the pink and purple quite well I thought why not have both.

march 2017 - pink and purple

Beautiful right? It’s just a shame it didn’t stay on my hair for long! I think this would be one to definitely go back to. It was so pretty and unique.

April 2017

Back to purple! I died it all purple over the pink/purple hair. I will never get bored of purple.

april 2017 - bright purple

This was a much more vibrant shade than what I’ve had in the past but it was beautiful. My hair started growing quite nicely at this point.

June 2017

I went back to brown from the purple for a few months to give my hair a break. However, when I tried bleaching to go to a colour again it went green.

Faded blue - green - june 2017

I had to bleach it once. Bleach bath it twice and use lot’s of vitamin c treatments as well as a colour remover. Never again!

July 2017

I waited around 2 months to do my hair like this. It took around 3 hours to put all the dye on and I left it on for 4 hours before washing with cold water.


Really pleased with how it came out 😀 The colours I used were Directions plum and mandarin and Adore – pink rose.

August 2017

My hair started fading quite considerably to pastel unicorn colours.


So I died over it all with Directions Flamingo Pink which refreshed the purple and made the rest of my hair pink so it was all a similar colour.


September 2017

Since my hair kept fading to a blue base I decided to try Blue and purple split dye. It didn’t work that well though as the colours blended too much due to similar shades.


Because the split dye didn’t work as well as I wanted I decided to go full blue head using a mix of Directions, Midnight blue, Neon Blue and Atlantic Blue.


Really like this and I have had a lot of compliments with this colour but I think I want to cross off the midnight blue next time I dye it and go for a mix of just the other two. I’m aiming for a bright shade of blue but slightly deep in colour.

October 2017

Ok, I know what everyone is going to think after stating only last month how much I loved the blue. However, my hair needed dying and I only had leftover purple, pink and orange. No blue and I didn’t want to spend to close to Christmas so back to purple for now. Eventually, I would like to head back to red/purple further down the line.


October/ November 2017

The purple colour you see above faded super quick to a blue. Like within a week it was blue. Within a few weeks, it was bright blue so I dyed a blue over it and just went with it.

Image may contain: one or more people, selfie and closeup

I soon got bored with the blue as usual. As much as I didn’t mind the colour with Christmas upcoming I wanted something different for the season and wanted to stray towards other pursuits with my hair colour.

November – December 2017

I mixed Crazy colour Pinkissimo with Directions poppy red, placed that straight over the bright blue which gave me this beautiful shade. For more details on this process check out this blog entry.

I’ve currently left my roots as I want to try and grow them out and then just have the ends of my hair in different colours with how much I dye it and as a new style for me.

December 2017

You may think this looks like my natural hair colour. It’s actually black with purple on the ends 🙂 I think I’m going to stick to brightly coloured hair but try different colours on the end of black hair. I would like my hair to grow longer so I’m making sure to take good care of it. Oh and I have a side fringe instead of a full fringe now 🙂


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Thanks, Beans!