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This is the section of my website where I blab about my books. Make sure you check this part of my site regularly to get some sneak previews of upcoming works as well as information on where to buy published ones.

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Something more. Available for £6.99 on: 
Amazon Kindle
Something New Cover

Molly and Sally have been joined at the hip since they were children. Tragedy strikes when Molly’s parents go missing, presumed dead and Sally is there to pick up the pieces.Five years later as 25-year-old Molly is trying to move on with her life. Strange events start her on a journey towards the truth about her parent’s disappearance. Realising that her whole life has been based on lies, however, Molly must quickly decide who she can trust. Her life could depend on it. Murder and secrets surround this gripping psychological thriller. Packed with twists and turns at every page. (Copyright Jackson 2017)


Detective Mentis. Available for £2.49 on: Detective Mentis Cover
Amazon Kindle

A short story of horror that will leave you wanting more. Detective Mentis works for a small-town police department. When a girl goes missing it brings up evidence of more than just one tortuous murder but when fears are confirmed Mentis finds more than he bargained for. (Copyright Jackson 2017) 



Charlotte’s World. Available at £2.49 on: Charlotte's World Cover
Amazon Kindle

A short story of horror and a mind’s betrayal that will leave you wanting more. Charlotte’s bad dreams cause her all sorts of trouble in her life until one day she meets someone new.  As things come into focus can she ward off her demons? What if your nightmare becomes your reality? (Copyright Jackson 2017)