Vegan Mint Coconut Chocolate Bites

Hello Beans

Recently I’ve found a slight addiction to mint chocolate, especially with desiccated coconut. There are some chocolate ones in a few shops that I keep buying.I decided to make some myself and it was super easy. Much easier than I thought it would be and probably a lot less crap in them.

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Coconut Cream 160lm
Spinach, small handful
Peppermint Extract 1tsp
Golden Syrup 1 1/2tbsp
Desiccated Coconut 150g
Dark Chocolate 100g
Coconut Oil 2tbsp
Vanilla Extract 1/2tsbp

Method (Makes 20)

First, add your coconut cream and spinach to a blender. Whizz it up until smooth.

Place this mixture into a bowl. Add the peppermint extract and golden syrup and give it a good whisk. You should be left with something that resembles this beautiful green colour.


Next, add all of the desiccated coconut and stir it all together. The consistency you should be left with is easy to mould together into balls.

I would recommend taking any jewellery off for this part. Time to roll your mixture into balls. You can make them as big or as small as you wish.


I recommend lining them up on a chopping board.


Once all the mixture is used. Place them in the freezer for 1-2 hours.


Once frozen you need to melt your chocolate. Place the chocolate, coconut oil and vanilla into a bowl and melt it all together. You can do this either on the hob or in a microwave. I used a microwave which is the quickest option.

From here, dip each ball into the mixture. Turn it over with a spoon to make sure it’s thoroughly coated and then place them on a board. The coconut oil makes the chocolate set pretty quick. When you have coated them all place them in the fridge to set.


Once set use the rest of the chocolate to put a pattern on the chocolate. Easy to do with a spoon. A little bit on the end of your spoon and then skim it all the chocolates.


Put them back in the fridge and repeat the process on the underside to make sure they have the same pattern all over. You should be left with these beauties.


Very simple and yummy chocolate bites. The spinach gives them the beautiful mint colour on the inside.


Once they were all completely set I placed mine stacked up in a little tub and kept them in a fridge. Just take one out as you want it. These are also pretty low fat as well compared to shop bought chocolates like this. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to do. According to my husband, they also smell like a famous bubbly mint chocolate bar 😀

If you have any tips, questions or recipes then please share. I love seeing your version of my recipes. 

Enjoy Beans