Melon & Blackberry Smoothie

Hello Beans

Today I have a sweet and super quick smoothie recipe for you. My favourite thing about this is definitely the colour. So beautiful. My only wish is that I could take it to B&Q to get the colour copied and then be able to paint my walls with it 😀

What’s your favourite colour for walls in your home? Do you have themes or preferred styles?  Let me know! Oh, and in case you’re now following me on Instagram.

Anyway back to the recipe…


Honeydew Melon 250g
Frozen Blackberries 100g
Chia Seeds 1tsp
Bioglan Supergreens Berry Burst 1tsp (Optional)
Golden Syrup /Agave 15g (Optional)
100ml Alpro Soya Milk

The Bioglan is completely optional as is the syrup in my opinion. I added the Biolgran for extra nutrition and the syrup because I have a sweet tooth. It would taste pretty sweet without though. As per usual. I don’t really need a method for a smoothie. Place all the ingredients in your blender and whizz it up.


Blackberries are high in vitamin C and pretty low in calories making them a great fruit to eat frequently. Berries, in general, are pretty superb. Melon is my recent addition but I’m fussy and only like Honeydew Melons and Watermelon. Both of which have a high water content which is good for the morning.

I feel like lemon juice would work well in this smoothie as well.

Enjoy Beans