Lush Birthday Present Haul

Hello Bean

Today I have a very exciting lush haul for you guys. This is prominently beauty related items, face cleansing etc. This was a haul I was given as a birthday present! I love Lush as most people with a brain do. There are some bad products that don’t work for everyone but there are lots and lots of wonderful products to counter balance that.


Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

Ok, so this is the first of my haul that I tried out. The packaging is a little too wordy for my liking and I would say they should have picked a better name. Ultrabland doesn’t give me good vibes but I understand the route they were trying to take when they named it.


As you can see the product is almost a block, it is quite hard but also soft enough to catch your nail on as you can see they I did in this picture! Oops! The product itself is a little odd to use. It’s not like a normal cleaner as it doesn’t become soap. It stays as it looks in the pot which is a little odd.


Upon the first few times I used this I didn;t notice a difference. Now that I’ve used it more I;m started to see spots clearing up better. and I like how gentle it is on my skin.

Solid Perfumes

When I first heard about solid perfumes I was so disgruntled by the concept. How can you rub something solid on your body dy like you would spray normal perfume. However, upon becoming vegan I ventured forth into unknown territory starting with a stone underarm deodorant that you wet to apply. Since then I have become an addict.

As you can see the packaging of these items is so beautiful! I love that’s it’s simple and colourful.


Kerbside Violet smells a lot like parma violets to me. If you are not sure what they are it’s a purple powdery sweet that smells so distinctive. A smell that I love. The consistency of these solid perfumes reminds me of 90’s lipglosses. You know the ones that were slightly pigmented that all the girls wore? Especially this purple one.

Applying the perfume is easy though but I feel like it doesn;t go as far as other perfume as you have to use quite a bit. However, on the plus side, it seems to last all day as it has the consistency of a lip gloss so it sticks to your stick for longer.


The sun fragrance smells a lot like mangos and pineapple. That tropical summer kind of scent. As before the packaging is simple and beautiful. I would love to see more lush items with this kind of packaging.


The same consistency as the purple as you can see. If anything I prefer the delicate tropical smell of this one as the purple is more distinctive in other ways. This would probably be one to wear more on a regular basis where as I feel the purple would be more suited to events. It proved to be just as durable and consistent as the other.


Both solid perfumes last just as long as the others do no matter the strength of the smells. The application doesn’t bother me and the smells seem to last quite a long time so I would definitely carry on buying these. I only wish there was more in the containers as I would guess that they aren’t the cheapest thing to buy.

Tea Tree Toner Water

I was excited to try this toning water out. I hate to admit it but toning is something I have never done. Terrible right? Anyway, I liked how easy this product sounded to use. You can either apply it with a cotton pad or just spritz straight onto your face which is great for convenience.

The packaging is the typical lush wordy packaging. As much as I like that the info is on the front I like pretty packaging which the majority of lush packaging isn’t. I’m a walking rainbow so I like my products to match,


This product is so far living up to my expectations. It’s very easy to use. I ‘m lazy so I just spritz it on my face in the mornings without using any other products, I find that it helps keep my skin clear and the tea tree elements are great for my spot prone oily skin.


For now I am very happy with this product and will continue to buy.

Beautiful Shower Gel

Ok, so the first thing I noticed about this product was the colour. To be honest I wouldn;t call it beautiful. Maybe pee elements mixed with melted gold? A little ugly to be honest. However, I soon got excited when I saw how glittery it was. No matter the simple packaging.


My excitement over the glitter was short lived, unfortunately. I was hoping to climb out of the shower sparkling but instead, I had my usual boring skin. The glitter doesn’t seem to grab my skin and instead makes my drain all glittery. However, on the plus side, the fragrance is definately beautiful. A very simple floral type smell. Very refreshing.

I would continue to buy this product depending on the price as this is quite a small bottle for me as I use an exuberantly large amount of shower gel.

Lip Scrubs

This is another product I was excited to try and have never used. I’m such a terrible woman. I always wear lipsticks and yet have not ventured into the world of lip scrubs. I received 3 in my birthday haul. 2 Bubblebum and 1 Honey.

Warning – Due to the honey in this product it’s not seen as vegan. I’m vegan so would never buy this but due to it being a present it will still be used. 

To be honest I don’t really like the scent of the honey scrub. It’s almost quite musty or hints of musk coated on the scent. Not a favourite of mine and I wouldn’t buy this smell again.


The consistency is good for a scrub. It’s as expected and makes my lips nice and smooth for lipstick application. Unlike the bubble gum scrub though this one seems to have been shaped differently as it wiggles around in its pot.


This is the wonderful bubblegum scrub 🙂 I love this. It smells exactly like bubblegum. Works wonders on my lips and it tastes good too!Definitely, recommend.


Look at the beautiful colour! I wish I had this colour as a lipstick. Love the colour and like I said it smells and tastes great!


Lip scrubs are a definite recommendation for anyone who wears lipsticks often. I certainly notice a difference when applying lipstick after using the scrubs. I would recommend the bubble gum one definitely.

General overview

So far I have loved all but the honey lip scrub in this haul. Very pleased with these birthday presents and would definitely buy most of them again.  As I have said I only wish that they had more colourful packaging on more of their items. Most of them are the simple black packaging and it;s just a shame in my opinion because their products are so beautiful. I understand they want to limit the packaging and make it simple but at least pick a different colour other than black!

Are there any recommendations of other products I need to try? What are your favourites? Let me know! 

Thaks beans,