July 2017

Hello Beans,

Today I bring you my latest Vegan Kind subscription box review. https://www.thevegankind.com/  . Apologies for it taking me a while to get this review up but I have been more careful with when to eat this snacks rather than scoffing them in one week!  This month was a lovely summer vibe with plenty of moreish items.

This month’s charity is The New Ark. An animal rescue centre in the north east that specialises in the rehabilitation of injured wildlife and the rescue of orphaned wildlife. They have also rescued domestic animals in need. www.thenewarc.org if you would like to have a read which I would recommend.DSC01282

I’m not going to include regular pictures of the recipe cards that are included in the boxes as it defeats the purpose of buying the boxes to receive them. No free recipes from them I’m afraid. Maybe I will review a couple once in a while on this blog though when I make them myself. Ok, now onto the box.

Ok, now onto the box. I’ve started putting a rating next to each one. My own opinion of course.

Super Moons – Cheese & onion lentil puffs 2/5

Ok so upon first opening these they smelt very cheesy! Not an overly bad kind of cheesy smell though. They look like very small corn puff crisps. Cute round pebble sized. The texture was crunchy and reminded me of wotsits. Honestly, I didn’t like them. I don’t like strong cheese flavoured crisps and these were a bit overpowering for my taste. I had no taste of onion whatsoever. One of my friends who is gluten free enjoyed them thoroughly though. I took them when we went out for a walk and my friend enjoyed them and shared them with the rest of the people we were with.

If they were available in big packs they would probably be great for parties and BBQs. You couldn’t taste the lentils, they pretty much just taste like small normal crisps. There also seemed to be quite a lot in the bag because of the size of the balls which makes you feel like you’re eating more. Therefore filling you up more. So yeah, overall it’s a no from me but I would definitely be willing to try another flavour. They are also very well received by none vegans.

www.supermoonsnacks.co.uk – They have some information on their website about their beliefs if you would like a look. They pride themselves on using natural ingredients.

The Feel Good Drinks Co – Orange and mango juice 3/5

I was quite excited to receive a drink in this months box. I generally just drink water all the time but this was nice as something different for the summer months. The flavour certainly has that summer feel. I took this with me alongside the lentil crisps when we went for a walk around the local lakes. It was very yummy and simple. I would buy this again. I would say it was more mango than orange but it quenched my thirst and gave me a bit of a boost. It was light in the stomach but a strong enjoyable flavour. This would be great on the go. Fab for a picnic I would say. My husband also enjoyed this. No added sugar, completely natural.


www.feelgooddrinks.co.uk – They have a beautiful social website and more yummy looking varieties of drinks to try. I would recommend checking it out Beans.

Foods Of Athenry – Belgian Chocolate biscuit caramel rocky road bar 5/5

Ok, so I was a little naughty eating this. It was a late night snack at around 11 pm. Yes, I know. Tut tut. Moving on though. It was very scrummy. I loved this. Anything chocolate flavoured is normally a win for me but I was surprised at how good this tasted. It tasted exactly like the shop bought rocky road bars. Very moreish and the bar was giant!. Yes, would highly recommend this. Next time I have a shopping spree on the Vegan Kind website I will make sure to pop one of these into my basket 😀


Here’s a better picture of the size of the bar. It was so chunky and look how deliciously decadent it is. My mouth is watering looking at the pictures!

https://www.foodsofathenry.ie/  – More than 50 taste awards to date which is pretty impressive. I love the professionalism of there website. Vibrant pops of colour and beautiful pictures. They have a large range of yummy looking products as well as recipes among other things on there website. Definitely worth a look guys.

VITL Essentials – Vegan Viatmin one day trial 1/5

I wasn’t going to put anything in here about this but I figured some people would be questioning. I had these on a Sunday morning instead of my usual Vegan multiviatmin. I can’t say I could tell the different between the two but you wouldn’t anyway. Also you won’t notice them doing much for you if you only just start taking vitamins. Nice idea though and nice packaging but I will be sticking with my cheaper version for vegans. If any of you are wondering what I take it’s the Vegan Multivitamin from Holland & Barrett.  There’s also a code to receive 2 weeks free on the pack. Obviously there would be strings attached though and didn’t think much to the price of the product so I didn’t go for it.

www.vitl.com – They advertsie an app on there website that looks pretty good and they also have other varieties of vitamins suited for different needs.

Go Vegan, Bio organic – Chocolate cream filled organic croissant 1/5

So when I opened this I was a little skeptical from the start. It ws brown rather than the oridainry gold colour that croissants tend to be.



Smell test – it was very sweet and familiar but I couldn’t place the smell. The smell got me a little excited about having this croissant for my breakfast though. Now, like a lot of people, I enjoy my pastries warm so as I would normally do I poppped it in the microwave for 30 seconfs. Well, I tell ya, it came out flat as a pancake after. It didn’t have much volume in the first place but it looked like it had been sat on when I took it out the microwave.


Still, I was thinking at the time that if it tasted good then that would save it because this had chooclate in the middle. I chopped up a banana and had it on the side. Now, the taste. The pastry was pretty good but a little soggy from the microwave,  certainly not crispy but it was still pretty good, nicely sweet like brown sugar. The filling, however, was disgusting. I have no idea what exactly it was but it didn’t resemble chocolate according to my taste buds. It was sweet and yet tangy at the same time.


If it wasn’t for the banana I probably wouldn’t have been able to eat it. But eat it I did and then for the next hour after I was burping gross tasting chocolate liquid. Literally every time I burped or hiccuped I had a gross after taste in my mouth from that croissant. It’s a no from me I’m afraid.


www.freefromitaly.co.uk – They have a basic site that advertised a full range of varying items from pasta or sweet treats. However due to it being based in Italy, you would have to buy through UK webites such as the evgan kind in order to buy there goods. But.. if you live in Italy or ever go there I would recommend seeking out there produtcs due to there passionate beleifs.

Bute Island – Creamy Cheddar Sheese 3/5

This is my second try of the cheese products. I was pleasantly surprised when I had there soft cheese. Delightful light flavour. This one certainly looks like cheddar with it’s orange colour and it smells pretty pungent but not in an especially terrible manner. I used this in a salad pita and it was very scrummy, not to much of a strong flavour which I liked as I was never a huge cheese fan as a none vegan but this was really yummy. I would put it on the same level as the soft cheese I tried from them. Would buy both varieties again. The only issue I do have with this prodct is that there is no clear date as to when it goes off once opened and I always get paranoid about these things. If anyone knows then please enlighten me I beg of you!


www.buteisland.com – Unforuntatley I received an error message when trying to get onto there webite so I didn’t venture any further into my research on there company. If anyone has better luck tham me with it or know from there experience much about this company and other products then please do let me know!

Ape – Crunch Coconut bites with sesame seeds 2/5

I have had these before and didn’t think much to them to be honest. They were bought as a quick snack from my local co op and as much as I enjoyed the coconut flavour I hated the crunchy texture of the small crispy bits. However, I saved a few when I used them as a topping for my banna ice cream. I did the same thing again with these this time and as much as I say I probably wouldn’t make an effort to buy them they are a pretty good topper for ice cream and yoghurts. Give it a try if you see them in the shops.


www.apesnacks.com – From a quick browse on ther website they have a good varitey of other similar products that I am more than willing to try. Such as there coconut curls which sound pretty tasty. They also have a very interesting blog on their website.

Jealous Sweets – Grizzly bears impulse bag 4/5

First things first , I love that they call them an impulse bag. Most of the time that’s what buying sweets seems to be, an impulse buy. I saved these sweets to have last on in the month and I’m very pleased I did. After struggling to open the packet for like 5 minutes I finally got in! The first thing I notice is the smell. Not very pleasant I tell ya! Almost musty like mouldy sweets, sorry! Not pleasant for my nostrils. The taste? Wonderful! So yummy! Very nice spongy texture.


Certainly not as chewy as usual teddy sweets but they were really good. I like the fact that they didn’t taste like they were full of sugar. I’m not a big sweets/candy person generally so these were never going to be a favourite item but I was pleasently surprised.


www.thejealouslife.com – They have a beautiful shop style website, exactly like what you would expect to see if you walked into a sweet shop. Pretty colours and swets that you wish you could grab out of the screen like they did with the tv screen on willly wonka 😀 they have a large range of varieties as well as gift options so take note they would be great if you have some vegan friends.

Overal – This month’s box – 4/5

My favourite items were definitely the rocky road bar, the juice and the sweets. These 3 items I would 100% buy again. I would probably buy the lentil crisps again in a different flavour. I’m excited to try other sheese products.  I would not but the croissants, the coconut bits or the vitamins though due to taste, price and availability.


Did you receive this months box? What did you think about it?

Also, if anyone has any recommendations of other subscription boxes to try and review at some point them please let me know!

Thanks, Beans! 😀