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    Vegetarian or Vegan?- Watch out for these ingredients

    As you may know, I’ve been Vegan since May 2017 and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made concerning my diet and health. Now, I’m not here to convert everyone because it’s your choice what you eat. However, I think it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating.Something I have noticed recently. People claiming they are Vegetarian, aren’t actually Vegetarian or Pescatarian as they regularly consume dead animals without realising. So, I decided I would create a list of key ingredients to avoid and look out for as both a Vegetarian or a Vegan. This could never be a complete list as there are too many to…

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    Food Haul – Vegan Ferrero Rocher and Lidl Veggie Week

    I set my alarm in eager anticipation for Lidl Veggie Week this year. Last year was the first time we went and fell in love with many of the meat alternatives so this time we made sure to get there early and fill up on the goods. Many of the items we have popped in the freezer as good gotos. Did I mention most of them are very low calorie as well? The chicken pieces are 100 calories for half a pack. The Pakora (a new found love this time around) are only 49 calories per one. Make sure to my post from last year about Lidl Veggie Week which goes…

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    Best brownies ever and 100% Vegan

    Hello, I thought I would share this link for you for Chocolate Covered Katie’s brownies. They’re the best brownies I’ve ever made and they use black beans of all things! My non-vegan brother has been stopping with us this weekend and he loved them just as much as me! Go give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. https://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2012/09/06/no-flour-black-bean-brownies/ Super moreish and delightfully pleasant. Enjoy!

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    Homemade Cinnamon Mocha – 100% Vegan. 100% Delicious.

    Continuing with the winter comforts. I thought I would share with you my recipe for a cinnamon Mocha. Feel free to adjust and change it as you wish, this is how I made mine. Ingredients 1tsp Natural Xylitol or other sweetener or your choice (Agave or Maple syrup would also work) 1/2 tsp Sweet Freedom Choc pot (optional) 2tsp Cocoa Powder 1 shot of Expresso Coffee or Instant 1 shallow tsp  Ground Cinnamon 3/4 Mug of Hot milk Toppings – Soy whipped cream. Ground Cinnamon. Cocoa Powder. Cocoa Nibs. Desiccated Coconut Method Fill your mug 3/4 full with milk. Pour this measurement into a pan with 1tsp of Cinnamon and heat up.…

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    Speak for the animals – Go Vegan

    Hello, I’m often judged and looked down upon for being Vegan which as such doesn’t phase me as I love my lifestyle. People argue that animals are there for our consumption, that they enjoy the taste of meat, eggs, milk. I’ve been talking to a non-vegan about this on a comments section of a website and I just wanted to share what I told her. It put’s it into perspective and she didn’t respond after this so I’m hoping I hit a nerve. Have you ever asked yourself how much pain a cow feels when it’s baby is dragged away? How that baby cries for its mum’s comfort and never receives…

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    Chill out Saturday – Chocoholic fill

    Hello, I have finally finished my short story this week so I have a completed book and a short story. If you would like to see sneak peaks then go to the Ebooks section of the website. I’m aiming to release them next month. Because I had such a busy week and we have a busy day tomorrow seeing family we are taking it easy. One way I like to do this is by cooking or baking. I used my recipe for cookie dough peanut butter bites as a base for this concoction and they taste so good! I added some oats and dates to the cookie dough mix and molded…

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    Ban fur from London Fashion Week

    Just a quick one today as I’m full of cold. I’ve just come across this petition to end fur in the London fashion week. Every year the fur industry is responsible for the death of 1 billion rabbits and 50 million other animals. The most common methods of killing animals in fur farms is anal electrocution, gassing, poisoning or stomping on the animals and breaking their necks. These are all done to try and preserve the quality of the fur. If this doesn’t sound ok to you then I urge you to sign the petition below and donate if you can. https://www.change.org/p/british-fashion-council-ban-fur-from-london-fashion-week-2?recruiter=769485886&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook_messenger_web&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial The only species that should wear fur are the species…

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    Fatty Carb day – Treat yourself

    Does anyone else ever have those days where you want more and more carbs. I would eat a cloud if it was candy floss…that kind of day. We had a wander around town today and grabbed a few bits. As usual, we ended up in Home Sense. My favorite shop. We didn’t buy anything major. I found some pea protein powder which I’m excited to start trying in my smoothies. We also found some Vegan ranch chickpeas and a few other none essential items. I don’t remember a time when we have been to Home Sense and bought anything that we needed. Anyway, we got home at lunchtime. I had a…

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    Reasons why I’m vegan: In their shoes.

    Hello, so I’ve been given permission to post this. A very creative lady posted this story on a Facebook vegan group – called Vegan UK if anyone is interested- people were commenting saying it was too wordy and preachy. I didn’t see this. I enjoyed reading an insightful post and decided to get that ladies permission to share it on here. It sums reasons I’m vegan for me. I would love to get people’s views on this. Imagine (Copyright Myers 2017) Imagine you are pushed into a dark barn, with a bunch of people naked. You all look the same. You all have terror in your eyes. You’re all shouting…

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    August favorites – Food, Drink and Skincare

    I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable month of August. Next month is Halloween. I’ll just let you consider that for a moment. This year is going by so fast. A few months and it will be Christmas. Must to my enjoyment we haven’t had much of a summer this year in the UK. While everyone else wallows about this I jump for joy. I’ve been loving wrapping up in blankets and it makes me all the more excited for Christmas in the coming months. This will be our second Christmas in our new home but last year we moved into this house a week before Christmas so it wasn’t quite the same…