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    Vegan Recipes Facebook Community

    Hello, Just a quick one. As a Vegan recipe creator I have been told off all too many times for sharing my own recipes in facebook groups, so, I have created a Facebook Community where it’s allowed. Suitable for Vegans, Non-Vegans, bloggers. Everyone is welcome and self-promotion is allowed to an extent. Link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/wallyjayrecipes/ Enjoy!  

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    Diet’s don’t work – How I lose weight the healthy way

    Did you know only 5% of people that lose weight by dieting will have kept it off after 5 years? 95% will put the weight back on. That’s a lot, right? So, why spend all that money, time and effort on something that doesn’t work. I’m no saint, I did it as well. I never felt comfortable in my skin and spent years trying to lose the weight with diet pills, fasting, shakes. I would always put the weight back on. I was what some people called a Yo-Yo dieter. That was until a year ago when I turned Vegan and started seeing things in a different light. So, why don’t…

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    My Essential Vegan Shopping List

    When I went Vegan I went through a steep learning curve. Lot’s of months of trying new products and lots of research. I never had anything to help me along the way and had to learn what I needed on a weekly basis in my shopping basket. So, I have written out a list of what I use most days and what I buy regularly in my shopping. I’m hoping this may help some people or may even just show people that Vegans eat plenty of ‘normal’ foods. But, first a few notes about the list. Disclaimer: Everyone is different. This is just what I buy. I follow a healthy, whole…

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    10 things I’ve learnt In One Year as a Vegan

    May 29th means it’s now been a whole year since I turned Vegan. For me, it was something I had thought about for a while but always considered out of my reach. But, then I did it overnight and realized how easy it was. The biggest push to get me to do it was seeing the cruelty in the industries so I became an ethical Vegan. Since then I’ve had plenty of ups and downs but it’s still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made concerning my health and lifestyle. So, here’s 10 things I’ve learned in my first year as a Vegan. I hope it’s a helpful tool…

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    What’s new in my world? Life Updates and exciting opportunities

    Hello! It feels like a long time since I’ve done one of these posts. I generally don’t enjoy writing about myself but I feel like it’s an important aspect of blogging as it takes my connection with the audience and you guys to a new level. So, what’s been happening with me? Read until the very end for the most exciting life update! Writing -I am still writing ‘Deaths Absence’, it’s going pretty well and I’ve recently thought of a dark twist which has made it even more exciting! I’m trying to get it written and published this year at the minute but we’ll see how it goes. I would…

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    Why I don’t have a schedule and why you shouldn’t work to one either.

    This is something that I see a lot of bloggers get asked about, as a reader and a follower if you enjoy someone’s content it often becomes a thought in your mind that you wish they posted more often. You wish there was more to read and more to explore but some bloggers, YouTubers etc don’t have a schedule and I’m one of them. Quality VS Quantity If I write what I want, when I want then it’s going to be better quality. I can work on a blog post and get it to the level I want, do more research etc sometimes over the course of a couple of weeks.…

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    Solitude – What if?

    This morning, I popped on YouTube to watch something whilst I was working through my work on the laptop. I happened to come across a documentary done on Solitary Confinement. 5 People were placed in complete solitary confinement for 5 days. Here’s the link if you would like to watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH6SUTMQ__g&index=2&list=WL&t=0s It was baffling and very interesting. Everyone struggled, it makes you strip back everything that you’re and what is important to you. For some, this was good and others not so much. I have always had a huge interest in psychology, experimentation (the voluntary kind, not animals) and many things along the line of mental health. As you know…

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    Books and Authors- A few of my favourites and the ones that didn’t hit the mark.

    I thought I would discuss some of my favorite books and authors and some that just didn’t hit the mark. It’s something I will be keeping up with in future posts. Due to this being the first, some of these books I’ve not read for a long time, never the less, they still deserve a place on the list. WARNING, there may be spoilers. I have done my best to keep my opinions and comments about each book quite vague in terms of the nitty-gritty details of the stories but some spoilers are unavoidable as a part of the context.  Christina Henry If you enjoy dark storylines, gruesome discoveries and…

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    Free Short Story – ‘Roes Indulgence’

      If you like this then please Like or Comment on this post so I know to do more. You can find information on my published Ebooks here. FYI – In case you would like to follow me: Business Instagram Account – @kimberleyjacksonbooks Personal Account – @wally.jay Facebook page – @kimberleyjacksonbooks Roe’s Indulgence Watching the falling snowflakes forming mounds of white on the street. Roe takes a moment to reflect on her mood. Peaceful, in it’s simplest form. With nothing on her mind to distract and no tentacles of stress to entangle her. She felt free. A calming sense of tranquillity that only heightens her senses and gives her the push she needs to…

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    What makes you feel good?

    Often tied in with looking good and doing good in life, which in turn encourages happiness. Feeling good is the start of the butterfly effect. It shapes our life and everything in it. So, I want to know. What makes you feel good? Part of that butterfly effect is positivity. It has a huge impact on helping us to feel good. I recently wrote about positivity being the route of our tree. The start of everything. You can read it here. For some, feeling good comes easier than with others. I’ve really struggled in the past due to my mental health but over the years I’ve really learnt to help myself and…