Beans & Nuts Rice Salad

Hello Beans,
Hope everyone is well. This is a simple summery recipe. It’s great for using up leftover salad ingredients. I shove everything in a bowl and normally hope for the best when it’s close to food shopping day. What are your go-to recipes towards the end of your food week? Let me know!

Ingredients (serves 2)

1 tin of butter beans
1/2 a bag of mixed salad leaves
1/2 a cucumber
100g tomatoes
Handful of radish
1 onion
Handful of cashews
Handful of walnuts
1tbsp lemon juice
Chilli flakes
1tbsp Hemp seeds
Salt & pepper


Cook your rice. Add all your other ingredients to a bowl. Mix everything together then add your rice once cooked and rinsed. I would recommend playing around with this recipe and adding things to it in terms of herbs and spices. This would also be a wonderful recipe for a Quinoa Salad.  Oh and green beans, that would also be very yummy in this 😀

Let me know what you think!

Enjoy Beans