Bath Bombs Trio

Hello Beans

Last month I was gifted a Lush voucher for my birthday so of course, I had to buy some bath bombs. Quick note, did you know you can’t use gift cards to buy bath bombs online unless you ring them up. Ridiculous right? Anyway, I ended up buying three bath bombs to try and.



This bath bomb is quite pretty in colour and smells floral. I’ve actually used this one before and know how wonderful it is so I had to buy it.


This bath bomb doesn’t do much as it’s fizzing but it does make the bath water a beautiful shade of green. My skin felt soft getting out of the bath.

Over and Over

I picked up this bath bomb before any others as I loved the yellow and orange combo. The yellow feels powdery where as the orange is oily and waxy. Love the colour combo.


First it in the bath it made the water a beautiful shade of yellow.

orange n yellow16

Then it started to reveal it’s inner beauty before finally selling to a beautiful shade of orange.

orange n yellow4.jpg

orange n yellow3.jpg

As expected it made the bath water an oily consistency which I loved and it smelt very citrusy which I also loved. The only issue I did have with this bath bomb is that it stained like crazy. I did my best to avoid this but I still have a stain on my bath at the minute.



Sakura is a beautiful sweet smelling bath bomb. Lot’s of pink and pretty colours inside.


As it was fizzing it turned the water grey and made some beautiful fizzy patterns with slight hues of pink which was pretty. It was almost mystical to watch.


When the water settled it made it grey. It didn’t change any further. The great thing about the bath bomb is that it didn’t leave any stains.

All love

I thoroughly enjoyed using all three bath bombs. I enjoyed watching the bath water change. I would probably buy all three again but I’m a little annoyed about the stubborn stains on my bath. Any recommendations on how to get rid of them would be appreciated!

What are your favourite bath bombs? What’s your experience of these ones? Let me know! 

Thanks Beans