August 2017

Hello Beans!

My favourite time of the month. The latest Vegan Kind subscription box review. I’ve now been with ‘The Vegan Kind’ for 3 months and would highly recommend. I love what they stand for, the products are awesome. They donate to a different charity each month. You get some wonderful items which I realise I’ve already said but they are superb 😀 Oh and you get some yummy recipes to try each month.



This month was a lovely summer vibe with plenty of moreish items as usual. One of the items which I will speak more in detail about further on but it’s actually in relation to this month’s recipe which I did my own spin on here.

As usual, the cats enjoyed helping me unbox.


This month’s charity is Food fight UK. They provide vegan food to homeless people which is amazing. Make sure to check out their website.


Now onto the good stuff. The reviews!


Sweet Freedom Chocolate Pot 5/5

Website –

Instagram – @SweetFreedomUk

The packaging for this is super cute, friendly, appealing and simple. It is quite a pricey product but depending on how much you eat chocolate spread I think it’s worth it.


As you can see the ingredients are very appealing. No nasty stuff.

The consistency is quite thick but easily spreadable. The taste itself is similar to that of dark chocolate. Slightly bitter and yet also slightly tangy. I think the tangy hints are the fruit they have used. At first, I wasn’t keen on this but I definitely recommend persevering as after a few tries I loved this.

Good thing too as this product was used to make this months Recipe Card courtesy of @gingervegan. A lovely lady with wonderful posts. I used her recipe and tweaked it to make it my own. I’m really pleased with how it came out. The recipe is here.


I feel this product would be pretty versatile in it’s uses as well as keeping things simple with spreading it on toast or cracker or even a banana. I think this will definitely become a staple in our cupboard. Love this and would recommend to any chocolate lovers out there.

Almighty Foods – Strawberry Blonde Raw Chocolate 5/5

Website –

Instagram – @Almighty_Foods

First things first. Can we just take a moment to soak in the beauty of this packaging? So pretty! Simple but so colourful. I love the little pictures they’ve used. The blue colour of the packaging is just superb and they have a pretty impressive logo.


Sorry about the terrible picture here but the ingredients are very simple. A mix of floral goodness and cashews with some strawberry dusting. One of a kind.


Upon first opening, it loved the pretty strawberry dusting. Other than it being broken I thought it looked quite luxurious in its simplicity. Almost like the fancy chocolate that you buy people for birthdays. Now to the exciting part, the taste.

By golly this is wonderful! I love it. The best vegan chocolate bar I’ve had. Really scrummy. It’s sweet like milk chocolate and has a slightly tangy edge. Very scrumptious indeed. A new favourite that I will be pleading the family to buy me at every occasion.

My only disappointment is that I can’t find it as of yet in any supermarkets 😦


So yes, definitely a must have for my future purchases. A definite recommendation.

Emily Crisps – Crunchy Sweet potato, Beetroot and Carrot 2/5

Website –

Instagram – @emilycrisps

Another item in this months box that I loved the packaging off. I’m a sucker for nice packaging in case you didn’t realise. I also love that they make it easy to spot the calories on these which makes it much easier to buy as a guilt free snack.


Since receiving these in this month’s box they seem to be popping up more and more in shops around Lincoln which is nice to see. They look as you would expect for natural vegetable crisps. They also smelled pretty good. Unfortunately, the taste lets them down in my opinion. They weren’t terrible they were just bland. There wasn’t must flavour to them at all. Maybe if they had some paprika or spice on them they would have favoured better for taste.


My husband ended up eating these and enjoyed them more than me but he said the same thing about the bland flavour. I would probably try some other flavours of their crisps but would avoid this flavour in the future. I would still recommend them to anyone else to try though as it could just be my taste buds.

Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Deodorant Balm 5/5

Website –

Instagram – @Nativeunearthed

The packaging for this looked like I would expect. To me, it was nothing special but nothing bad either.


The ingredients again are what I would expect but they also seem quite simple. I hate it when products have like 30 ingredients on their lists. Simple things in life are what I like.


Apologies for not having a picture. It should be easy enough to google if needed. The product is light grey in colour and is the consistency almost of a lip gloss. It’s easy to apply and smells beautiful. Sweet and fresh. A little goes a long way and it seemed to last most of the day when I put it on in the morning.

I normally favour unscented underarm deodorants, my usual is a Mineral Salt Balm but I will definitely be using all of this and would buy it again in the future. Definite recommendation.

Candy Kittens – Sweet Peach Pop Bag 5/5

Website –

Instagram – @candykittens

First things first, the packaging is lovely for this. It’s almost 60’s style vibes. Love the colour by the way. My favourite colour is pink. The name is pretty awesome as well. Very inventing and it works well. A name that you wouldn’t forget easily.


Noticed this on the bottom of the packaging when I was having a read. Made me laugh out loud.


The sweets themselves look exactly like a normal shop bought sweets that wouldn’t be vegan. To be fair they taste just as good as well. These are yummy. I love them and I’m not a big sweet person. I planned on sharing them with my husband but I loved them so much that I gobbled them all up once I had opened them.

The taste is slightly sour but sweet and wonderfully fruity.


Due to me eating them and not sharing with my husband I have been on the search for them since I received them in this months box. I’m surprised to see that they are out and about quite a lot in the shops. I’ve spotted them in a few supermarkets over the last week but never in the same flavour.

I think it goes without saying that these are highly recommended. I would love to try the different flavours and I’m looking forward to following this company and its progress.

PHD & Protein Superfood  – Mango and Banan Protein Smoothie 1/5

Website –

Instagram – @phdnutritionuk

The packaging on this product gave me ‘health’ vibes. Similar to that of a protein shake or a bottle of vitamins. Simple and yet effective.


The back of the packaging shouts ‘science’ to me. The ingrediants sound good though, pea protein, mango. Again, health vibes.


I was sketpitcal due to reading reviews from other people about this product. unfortunately, I had only heard bad things about the taste but I tried to keep an open mind,

I took this on a walk with me as a filler to keep me going. I hate to say it but I have to agree with what people were saying. I couldn’t stand this and it went in the bin. The flavour is terrible and I think it’s down to the sweetener. If that wasn’t in it I think I would have liked it. It’s hard to explain the flavour but it was almost bitter, chemical and the after taste was the worst.


I definitely would not recommend this product at all. Sorry to the business but it’s a no from me.

We Are Tea – Super Berry Infusion Tea 4/5

Website –

Instagram – @wearetea

I’ve seen these products before but never tried this brand before I don’t believe. Pretty and yet simple packaging. I’ve always been a bit hit and miss with fruit teas. I prefer chamomile, mint things like that normally but I was excited to try this.


Again, simple ingredients. I love that tea brands tell you how to make the perfect brew.


One of the main things I did love about this brand is how pretty the tea is. Such vibrant colours in a small package. Very pretty.


The colour reminds me of Robinson’s fruit squash if I’m being honest but it smells so much better than fruit squash. The taste is also a lot better than I thought it would be. It’s delicate, sweet and floral with citrus notes. It’s certainly not overpowering which I liked.


I would definitely buy this again in this flavour but would also enjoy trying this brand’s other flavours. I like the strength of there teas flavour and the floral accents.

This month’s box

In conclusion, there’s quite a lot of thing’s I loved in this box and a couple of things I would not recommend. The chocolate and sweets are new favourites in my snack cupboard. The chocolate spread is also pretty fab but I wouldn;t necessarily buy it all the time due to the price. I also enjoyed the under arm deodorant and would possibly buy this again in the future.


I wasn’t keen on the crisps but would try them in a different flavour. The tea was nice and again I would be eager to try other flavours. The only thing I hated in this box and would not recommend is the PHD Superfood in Mango and Banana. It tasted disgusting.

I would love to hear other people’s opinions of this box. Does anyone else have any favourites or things they want to try from my reviews? 

Note: Today I’ve signed up to the beauty box by The Vegan Kind as well as this lifestyle box so keep an eye out for that in the near future as I’m pretty sure I receive it soon. I may do sneak peeks on my Instagram so make sure to follow me! 

Thanks Beans