August 2017

Hello, Beans!

This month I decided to start ‘The Vegan Kind’ beauty box because I’ve been enjoying the lifestyle box so much. I love the business and what they offer. I have also been known to spend a bit in the shop. Today arrived a snack box from their supermarket section which I will be reviewing soon 😀 Follow me on Instagram for some sneak previews. 


I had heard a lot of good things said about the beauty box so I was pretty darn happy when I opened the box and took out all of these goodies.


PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Black Mascara (£15.95)

Instagram @phb_ethicalbeauty



I was excited to receive some mascara in this month’s box. Mascara is an item that I always seem to have on my shopping list for one reason or another. I like the packaging of this. The simple and black combo is pretty. 

The wand itself is what you would expect. Just your normal mascara wand. It applied really well though. It didn’t clump. Separated my lashes nicely and made them look both longer and thicker. 


I am currently using this mascara as my main one and I would probably buy it again if it’s easy to find. 

Maggie Anne Strawberry and Grape Nail Varnish Remover (£8.95)

Instagram @maggieannebeauty



Nail polish remover is another product that I go through pretty quickly. I probably paint my nails 2/3 times a week. It doesn’t smell like what’s it’s supposed to but it does smell good and sweet. Allsmot floral with a hint of sweetness. I like the idea behind it though but I think it would be pretty impossible to make any nail polish smell like flowers and rainbows. 

IT took the nail polish off as expected as well. Great product, simple packaging and I would buy it again. 

Zerreau Waterless Towel Off Shampoo (£3.99)

Instagram @zerreau



I hated this. I left my hair for 4 days without washing to get the full effect of the shampoo. I used this product making sure to follow the instructions. Lathered quite a bit into my roots and then towel dried. IT smelt good but by the time it dried all it did was make my head itchy and greasy. It did not work.  I have a sensitive scalp and my head hated this. I would not recommend and won’t be buying again. 

I will say though the packaging is nice and it was easy to apply. A foam consistency. 

Aqua Esse Equilibrium B12 Infused Pure Alkaline Natural Spring Water (£1.95)

Instagram @aquaesse



This water smells and tastes like normal water. I loved the premise of this and the beautiful colour. I probably would buy this again if I saw it in a local shop but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again. 


Amie New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish (£5.95)

Instagram @Amie_Natural_Skincare



This was a nice product. It came out clear/yellow with orange beads throughout. It smelled great and was nice to apply. I rubbed it into my skin for a couple of minutes before washing my face with warm water.

Afterwards, my skin felt clean and refreshed but the feeling didn’t last, unfortunately. It also didn’t seem to have any impact on my oily skin. So I would recommend this for other people who may have better look but I probably won’t buy it again after I’ve used it all up. 

Vita Coco Coconut Oil Sample Sachet

Instagram @VitaCocoUK



This wasn’t something new to me but is something I use regularly. Coconut oil is great for a lot of things. As a lotion for your legs, a lotion for your face, a hair mask, a baking ingredient or it’s great to use as an alternative to other oil when cooking. It’s probably one of my go to items. I personally use it a lot on my hair and something for cooking and baking. 

I have a giant jar that I bought from Amazon and I would highly recommend everyone buys some 😀 

Loves and hates 

I loved the nail polish remover and mascara. I would buy both again. Of course, I also loved the coconut oil. The water I also thought highly of but wouldn’t necessarily buy it again. The face polish was a big hit and miss in my opinion. I also hated the shampoo. I avoid products like this as well as dry shampoo normally because of my sensitive scalp.

What did everyone else think of products? Do you have a favourite? Have you any experience of them? Let me know! 

Thanks Beans