About Me

Launched in 2017 – yep that’s right, I’m a noob – as a community for creative seekers, bloggers, foodies and beautiful vegans, this site is an innovative collection of weirdness at it’s best. The idea for this blog came to me as a further creative pursuit for my love of writing. I enjoy the personal creative style that this writing allows in comparison to writing my books.

If you love creative outlets, bright hair, beautiful food, and a healthy mind and planet, you’ll feel right at home here. For a picture perfect glimpse into my world take a look at my Instagram. I update it regularly. *Instagram*

“Don’t hold onto the reigns of your life too tightly. Unless the reigns control a colourful unicorn.”

As this blog grows you can expect to find the following. Regular recipes. Information and advice on mental health. All there is to know about Veganism. Cruelty-free beauty. Subscription boxes. Creative adventures. Hair dying tutorials and pictures. Home improvements. If none of what you’ve heard get’s your bubbles sprouting then I’m afraid you may be in the wrong place. Otherwise, if I have your attention then read on and join the rainbow trail by following this website as it grows.

About Kimberley Jackson (WallyJay)

First things first, if you’re wondering where the name came from you have my husband to thank for that. We live in historic Lincolnshire in the UK. Together for nearly 5 years. We will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in November. I spend most of my time writing. I’m currently close to finishing my first book and will be self-publishing. My mental health is questionable a lot of the time. Doctors are still trying to decide what’s wrong with me. Originally is was Generalised Anxiety Disorder but they took me off those meds. We shall see what’s next!

Veganism has become a big part of my life. Don’t judge a book by its cover! I promise we’re not hippies spreading the positive word of vegan living….well not all of us anyway. Most of us are just people that enjoy a pursuit to be as cruelty-free and friendly as possible all things living. It’s good for your health, the environment and protects beautiful creatures from suffering. Speaking of beautiful….

Here’s a cute picture of myself and my husband Stephan on our wedding day. Pictures say a thousand words right? Words like cold, winter, shivering. A winter wedding made for some beautiful pictures but I regret not wearing layers under my dress!


I can’t include my husband without including the cats. We don’t have kids…yet. So for any pet lovers out there, you know that your pets are your children. We have 3 ginger nuts to call our own. In picture order, Murray, Juno, and Amber.


Ok, let’s see. I have done the marriage thing and included the cats. What else would you guys like to know about? Hobbies? In brief. My hobbies are writing, painting, comping, walking, hair and nails, cooking and seeing family and friends. Here are some pictures!

As you can probably tell i’m not one to natter about myself. I would much rather find out about you beautiful people! So, comment on this post. Introduce yourself, share your pictures, spread your stories. Welcome to wallyjay.com!


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