About me

Whether you’re new here or just taking a peek, welcome. I’m Kim, aka Wally Jay and along with the support of my husband we created this website. We live in Lincoln in the United Kingdon with our three cats and spend our days embracing the ups and downs of everyday life.

Who is WallyJay?

Throughout life, growing up, attending university and figuring out what I wanted to do, my mental health has been a struggle, specifically with generalised anxiety. From a young girl, I have always been a worrier and have struggled with stress. I would focus too heavily on trivial matters and turn them into big problems in my head. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder. Having a diagnosis of my anxiety has allowed me to recognise my weaknesses and work on improving my outlook on life. I have and will continue to share my experiences and advice towards a healthier mentality, I hope I can help others as others have helped me.

When I’m not writing or entering competitions I love to experiment with wonderful foods. In May 2017, I happened to turn Vegan overnight. It was something that had been playing on my mind for a few years, I often ate Vegetarian alternatives and bought plant-based milks but making it official was the next big step for me and I haven’t looked back since. Being Vegan has helped me no end in my pursuit of good mental and physical health and I have enjoyed adapting and creating my own vegan recipes which I choose to share with you all to enjoy.

In the summer of 2018 and 18 months of trying for a baby, we were told that I most likely have PCOS and that I don’t ovulate. Now we are on a new journey to begin a family and I will be adding content to the website about PCOS, fertility and our struggles.

What is WallyJay.com

In June of 2017 WallyJay.com started as nothing more than a way for me to talk about my journey through life, however, it has since evolved to include my personal blog and a platform to share my vegan-friendly recipes. My blog is where I share my personal experiences, my highs and lows with mental health, everyday life and everything in between.

Fast forward to February of 2018, due to the sites growing popularity my husband and I decided to rebuild and drastically improve the site as you now see it. This has allowed us to continue to grow, share even more exciting recipes, advice and guidance.

Stick around to see how wallyjay.com develops and subscribe so you don’t miss a post.

If you have any questions or just fancy a natter, you can contact me using my socials at the top and bottom of the site, or by using the contact form from the main menu.

Thank you!