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A month in my life – Living with PCOS – Days 1 -5

Disclaimer – I’ve created this post to spread awareness of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Everyone with the disorder has different symptoms and experiences. This is just my version. Each month is also different. It’s also important to note that I have been told my the doctors that I have PCOS as all the test results have shown thus far, however, I still don’t have my official diagnosis as this will be done by a fertility specialist. We’re currently waiting for our appointment to come through but it’s an average waiting time of 18 weeks at the moment. So for now, I have PCOS (they’re like 99% sure of this) but it’s just not written down on paper. I will also be trying to write these out the best I can as they happen to share the raw experience as it’s happening when I’m in the moment because usually a few days afterward it never seems as bad as it was in the moment. I hope this helps to spread awareness. PCOS affects 1 in 10 women, many of them going undiagnosed for years.

You can find a generic breakdown of my sympoms here which will be updated as we go through the month. The next set of days can be found here.

1st Day of my cycle

After a 40 day cycle, my period finally turned up as well as a mountain of spots to cover my chin which is already covered in years of red scarring and what looks like a young boys attempt at growing a beard. I managed to have a shower between bouts of diarrhea and nausea. Thankfully I didn’t throw up or pass out. I’ve taken my first dose of prescribed anti inflammatories. As I was filling up my hot water bottle I broke my favourite mug and cried as a result. As I write this I’m sitting on the sofa watching a film. I have a stack of films to get me through the day. A hot water bottle on my tummy to try and help with the pain. I’ve also just taken my first dose of anxiety meds for the day as it’s always at it’s worst when my hormones are.

I’m pleased I managed some breakfast this morning and a short workout before my period started because I won’t be moving from this sofa all day. I’m feeling, very depressed. I’m in a lot of pain and have a nasty headache. I’m als very tired and feel like I haven’t slept for a week.

Today is bittersweet if you can even call it that. I’m happy that my period finally turned up after such a long cycle but now I’m also miserable because of how crap I feel and the fact that I get to go through this again before long. Heavy periods and irregular cycles are common symptoms of PCOS.

Day 2

Today I overslept, I vaguely remember my husband giving me a goodbye kiss but I soon went back to sleep. I’ve then spent the day on the sofa with a hot water bottle. I’ve been filled up on painkillers and I’ve been eating as I can when the pain subsides. Even though my period is very heavy and I’m in pain with a mix of nausea it’s the headaches and drowsiness which are affecting me the most today. Even typing this seems like a struggle. I’m just so tired. It’s 5:30 pm and I’m questioning whether it’s an ok time to go to bed already. There’s also the issue of the hot flushes. Around this time I just get hot and sweaty likeI’ve done a 30-minute workout so sometimes it’s not very nice sitting here with a hot water bottle. The battle of pain VS heat.

Day 3

Today I’m starting to feel better. My cramps still suck but my painkillers are actually hiding the pain today so I can’t feel anything as long as I’m topped up on pills. I also don’t feel as tired but the headaches are still pretty stubborn. My appetite is still out of whack, I’m hungry all the time at the minute which is making it difficult to avoid binge eating. Generally not terrible today. The biggest issue today is most likely the brainfog, a common symptom of PCOS. I’m struggling to focus on much at all so my writing is a challenge but I’m doing what I can. Hoping tomorrow will be a good day.

Days 4 & 5

I’m starting to feel better but still suffering from headaches. They usually continue for up to a week after my period depending on general anxiety and stress that month. Still slight cramping but my period has mostly finished now. I’m thirsty a lot of at the minute. Managing to get my focus back for my work though which is nice. I wish the neausea would subside though, still having waves of nausea and dizziness at the minute.

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