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We are well and truly into the festive season now and as Christmas Day draws near you may be doing some last minute shopping. Or, maybe you will be keeping an eye out for some bargains in the sales this year. I always like to keep an eye out in the sales for bits and bobs for the birthdays in April time! Anyway, to the point, below are just a few of the many options available to Vegans over the festive period and beyond. Whether you’re the one buying the gifts or the one adding to your NICE list. 


Vive bars – Luxury Gift Box £15

These bars are getting a lot of positive reviews at the minute. Everyone is talking about them. Apparently one of them makes a great substitute for a Snickers. 

Truffle Pig – Classed Mixed Truffle Box £6.25

Truffle Pig is a fairly new business who have really made a firm stand in the Vegan chocolate world. Their truffles are amazing. 

The Goodness Project – ‘The Wild Thing’ Hamper £58.50

The goodness project is my favorite subscription box service. After trying all the others they were the ones who had the biggest, tastiest variety of Vegan snacks. This hamper makes a delicious present. 

A Kind Mama – Mixed Treat Box £16

Vegan cookies, brownies, and doughnuts all in one box. The flavours are sublime and the quality and attention to detail is wonderful. Surprise someone special with these tasty treats. 

Beauty & Makeup

Lush – Christmas Bathtime Favourites £49.95

You just can’t go wrong with some bath products. 80% of Lush products are Vegan and they’re all cruelty-free making Lush a wonderful business to spend some pennies in. They make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

VE Cosmetics – Mermaid Tears Palette £20

This brand is fairly to me. I found them a few months ago but I must say I love their products. They have an array of different beauty and makeup products. The colours in their palettes are beautiful. 

Tarte – Minutes to mermaid brush set £26

Tarte is a highly rated makeup brand offering makeup lovers everything they could ever wish for. They have some of the best quality products around. They’re a little bit on the pricier side but are worth every penny. These brushes are amazing. 

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Day and Night Rescue Kit £20

The body shop is a favourite shop for skincare products that are both cruelty-free and Vegan and better yet, with minimal, natural ingredients they are great for your skin. 

Eden Perfumes – Sample Gift Box £21.60

Eden make a selection of exciting perfumes. They last a long time and smell wonderful. Some people have suggested that some of there favourite non-vegan perfumes have a vegan alternative with Eden. 


Etsy tinofbeans – The Pet Avocado £5.20

This cute little fella makes an awesome stocking filler for any Avocado loving Vegan. 

Etsy AnimaltopiaArt – Framed Born to Roam print £30

Want something a little more subtle for the home that still shouts Vegan. How about a cute framed print. Perfect for your living room wall. 

The Vegan Kind – TVK Mug £7.99

As well as offering Vegan lifestyle and food subscription boxes. The Vegan Kind also have their own shop with lots of lovely products including these cute to the point mugs. One of my personal favourites. 

Vegan Bunny – Lavender Soy Candle £12

Vegan Bunny offer a substantial range of Soy candles. There are some wonderful smells and they’re great quality. Better yet they burn for a long time making them a great gift for any candle lovers. 

Clothing, Accessories & Jewelry

Matt and Natt – Kate Mini Handbag £98

For any luxury handbag lovers, Matt and Natt offer an extensive range of beautiful handbags that are more sophisticated than your latest high street fashion trends and are a great bag to reach for no matter the season, or year. 

Vendula – Novelty Handbag £89

Looking for a bag that’s a bit different. Vendula are London based designers that offer amazing quality and unique designs. There is a design to suit everyone. I have the Chocolate Shop bag and would love many more of their designs. Did I mention they also have designs featuring cats? 

Etsy 2PApparel – Friends Not Food T Shirt £12.14

Have any Vegan friends that also love ‘Friends’ the TV show. I don’t know of many people that don’t hold a place in their heart for the show. This t-shirt is a perfect combination of the two. 

Vegetarian Shoes – Jeanette Boots £84.95

Want some shoes that are cruelty-free, Vegan, great quality and last a lifetime. Look no further than Vegetarian shoes. They’re one of the top shops to go to for shoes. These boots are super cute with plenty of outfits. 

Watch Shop – Olivia Burton Vegan Friendly Watch £72

Even the most established brands offer Vegan alternatives these days. Olivia Burton is a well-known watch brand that offers amazing quality and design. This Vegan-friendly version is perfect. 

Wearth – Kate Wainwright Gemstone Bracelet £45

Some styles never go out of fashion. These intricate, 100% recycled gemstone bracelets are simply divine. Perfect to wear for any occasion. 


Bosh – Vegan Cookbook £8

Bosh have really made a name for themselves. The two lads and creators of Bosh find ways to make traditional favourites into Vegan heaven. This book is amazing and contains something for everyone. 

Amazon – Stainless Steel Straws £4.99

Another great stocking filler for anyone who loves their smoothies or even milkshakes. These straws are reusable and come with some cleaning brushes. A great alternative to plastic straws. 

Coconut Bowls – The Coco Combo £34.99

Coconut bowls and cutlery are a great natural alternative to your usual pottery and make for great Instagram shots. Know anyone that likes there Instagram food pics? These are perfect for them. 

Amazon – Oil Diffuser £22.99

More and more of us are seeking the benefits of essential oils. Lavender helps you sleep. Chamomile is great for stress. Mint for sickness. There are so many out there with a variety of benefits. An oil diffuser is a great way to introduce yourself to the benefits. Just be careful if you have a pet as some are toxic. 

There are many other items out there that would be perfect for any Vegans and there are a few things I’ve not shared ideas for such as Men’s Beauty & Grooming, Plants, and Haircare. If you think of anything within these categories that you strongly believe should be on this guide then let me know and I’ll add them on. Happy Shopping! 

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