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Juicing for a healthy gut

Since I can remember, I have suffered from constipation on a regular basis. Then I found the wonders of celery juice and I have been regular ever since! Seriously guys, read on.

Celery juice can:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help to prevent chronic diseases
  • Helps lower stress levels
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Aids digestion

Apple juice can:

  • Enhance your skin
  • Help control weight
  • Help keep your heart & liver healthy
  • Is a great remedy for constipation
  • Hydrates and prevents amenia
  • Improve vision

Mix the two together and you have a combination of health-boosting effects full of nutrients for your body. A lot of people believe that you only get the effects of celery juice if you have it on its own. I disagree with this statement and have been mixing the two and consuming them every morning on an empty stomach for the past 6 months. It’s completely up to you though. Try it both ways and trust your body. Don’t forget what we consume is just fuel for your body. I say this all the time but it’s so true. I have this drink every morning because it’s like medicine for my body and gut health.

The only thing you’re missing out on by juicing apples and celery is the nutrients, specifically the fibre. It’s also important to note that I do not encourage juicing diets as a healthy way to live. Just as I do not believe in dieting as a healthy means to lose weight.

Fuel for the mind. Fuel for the body.


4-6 Stalks of Celery

2-3 Granny Smith’s Apples

Let me know if you try it and how it works for you. It’s cured my lifetime of constipation and makes me feel great overall. I would love to hear your experience with celery juice, apple juice or both.

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