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How to avoid being a Vegan full of hate

If you’re thinking about going Vegan or have been Vegan a while you may be experiencing something which we call ‘Hateful Vegan’. This refers to you and the way you see things and specifically other people and industries once you know the truth. It’s hard to act ok with all the cruelty in the world when you know the reality of the situation.

The animals slaughtered each year and what they must go through. The damage to the environment. The slow deaths to ourselves. How can I watch slaughter videos and be ok with people eating meat? This, in turn, invokes a feeling of hate and anger towards people who aren’t Vegan which is why I’m here writing this post because I’ve been a hateful Vegan as most of us are at one point or another but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

FYI if you want some guidance becoming Vegan I have shopping lists and things I’ve learned which will be a good place to start.

Let’s focus on the reasons why being a hateful Vegan is bad.

Being a hateful Vegan makes other hate you

You hate people for allowing the cruelty to happen, which then makes them hate you in response and a lot of the time causes people to have a negative impression of Vegans which is usually the reason why Vegans are attacked as much as we’re even though we are doing good.

You wouldn’t attack a charity for rescuing dogs? But, you would attack a charity for rescuing dogs if they attacked you first as this is your defense. Bad example I know but the point is valid. It’s the same for Vegans and Non-Vegans. Don’t attack, ridicule or manipulate others. That is not going to get them to go Vegan. All that does is cause people to hate Vegans and make such claims as “How do you know someone is Vegan, Don’t worry they will tell you”.

Hate spreads to other areas of your life

Hate is contagious. When you hold hate in your heart it spreads to other areas of your life. You behave a certain way towards other people. You eat differently, exercise differently. It changes your whole mentality. You may be arguing with people you love. You are becoming depressed about people not seeing the truth and you not being able to do much about it. The only solution to this problem is to see past the hate and move on. You holding that hate in your heart won’t change anything. If you wish more people were vegan then spread positive words about how good you feel being vegan and share the facts but don’t belittle and judge others for there choices.

It doesn’t set a good example

You’re trying to encourage people to become Vegan. How are you going to do that if you make them feel guilty for there choice?

Think about it and put yourself in their shoes. Most likely you weren’t always Vegan. If someone has judged you and moaned at you and made you feel guilty for what you’ve eaten all your life, how would that make you feel? Most likely it would cause you to feel guilt, hatred towards that person and you would feel the need to defend your choices. Sound familiar? Break the cycle. If someone makes snide remarks just ignore them and smile even if it’s through gritted teeth. Remember why you went Vegan in the first place and remind yourself how good you feel as that’s what matters. It’s you and your choice, nothing to do with anyone else.

You weren’t always Vegan (Unless you were and then good for you)

The majority of us aren’t born Vegan or Vegan from Childhood. The majority of us Go Vegan as an adult.  As I have already mentioned you need to put yourself in other people’s shoes. It’s hypocritical of you to be so hateful and judgemental to nonvegans about what they eat when maybe just a year or so ago you were in the same position. You need to be better and show people how great it can be. In order for people to think of Vegans in a positive light, you need to create that positivity. Negativity = hate.

So, what can you do instead? How can you be a positive Vegan and a good person?

Be the best version of yourself. Spread love and positivity. This helps break that nasty connection between Vegans and negativity. If you would like more information on becoming a more positive person then read the blog post here, this post looks at how you can turn the negative into positive. A very helpful technique to use on a daily basis. I’ve also written a post about living in gratitude which is also a useful tool in leading a more positive, happier life.

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