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Living in Gratitude

Today I am going to talk about living in gratitude. What it means to live in gratitude and how you can start following this positive way of living for a better mentality on life. I’m not saying I do this all the time, everyone has bad days. Heck, I have major anxiety problems to the point that I don’t leave the house on my own. I have panic attacks. I most likely have PCOS and can’t have children without being dosed up on pills and other such things but I’m still smiling.

I focus on the little things.

Waking up to my husband giving me a goodbye kiss before he heads to work. Sitting down in the morning and having some cuddles with the cats. visiting friends at the weekend and not having a need to fill the silence but instead being happy in it. Despite all the crap that goes in day to day and all the stress and worry, there is always something to be thankful for. Whether it’s the people in your life, your home, work, children, health, even just the fact that you’re alive right now reading this.

Living in gratitude sounds simple. Be thankful.

It’s about being grateful for what you have in your life and having the ability to recognize these things on a regular basis and tell yourself what they’re. So, when you’re having a rough time you remind yourself what you have to be grateful and thankful for. Everything from a roof over your head to your favorite meal. IQ Matrix explains it well

This mindset is known as an Abundance MindsetYou are no longer focused on things that are missing in your life, but instead, divert your attention onto things that you already have in abundance. And as a result, you no longer feel stressed, anxious, depressed or fearful. These emotions only come to the surface when we focus on what we don’t have; on what is missing, and on not having enough compared to others.

Now I know what you’re thinking ‘That’s all well said and done, it’s easy for you to say’ blah blah blah excuses. If straight away after reading this you instantly focus on the negative then you have even more reason to live in gratitude because you’re overlooking the positive and the good in your life.

However, it takes a lot of work and is more complicated than it first sounds because a huge part of living in gratitude is to also be thankful and show appreciation when bad things happen in your life and you’re struggling to see past that. This is where most struggle including myself.

Now, your next thought is going to be;

Living with gratitude 

Well, simply put, you start focusing on the big things. Your house, car, family, friends. Tell yourself every day what you’re grateful for. It helps to write them down, work on doing a monthly gratitude list. Once you’ve got it down to the nail having gratitude for the bigger things, then you can start focusing on being more positive and pointing out the smaller things such as a favorite cardigan, picking up a book you’re enjoying reading. There are so many small things throughout your day that you can be grateful for.

It’s all to do with positive thinking and is a method of becoming a more positive individual.

A beneficial way of living

This positive mindset has so many benefits. Many people think that a healthy mind is just something you need to have but there are so many positive benefits that come from a positive mindset and the ability to live in gratitude.

Higher energy levels, improved relationships, decreased depression and anxiety, ability to handle negative emotions and situations in a healthier manner, improved immune system and overall better health. Positive mental health is the single most important thing in living a healthy life. Without a healthy mindset, your body and other components in your life will suffer no matter how hard you try.

If you would like more information on positive thinking, living in gratitude and improving your mental health than I would highly recommend having a thorough read of the article “Is there any value in living with gratitude? Does it really make a difference” by Adam Sicinski on the IQ Matrix.

Let me know what you’re grateful for below and how you’re becoming a more positive person. 

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