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Lidl Veggie Week, Vegan Food Haul – August 2018

This week until Thursday I believe (23rd August- please correct me if I’m wrong) the Lidl Veggie week is in play at UK stores. Great for Vegans of all stages. It’s one of my favourite times at Lidl but as an avid Lidl shopper, I may be biased. This year we had a good haul of products that I’m here to share with you guys.

So, let’s get into it. Here’s a general show and tell of the goodies I found.

Not including these rice crackers that I shared with my husband on the drive home. They were delicious and are a good substitute for the more famous brands.

Now onto the items that made it home.

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian country pies – These are a good buy to have stored away in the freezer. Nothing special but tasty nevertheless.

Gosh, Sweet Pumpkin & Chilli Bites – Personally I wasn’t keen on these despite initially looking forward to the flavour combo. They were more pumpkin than any other flavour. Not enough chilli. A little bland.

Vines Leaves with Rice –  Tinned rice wrapped in vine leaves. They were…ok. My husband didn’t like them at all. I didn’t think they were too bad but probably wouldn’t buy them again either. The sauce was weird and the rice was a little gross. My husband hated the leaves, they had a strong texture no matter what you served this with.

Sheese Mature Cheddar Style Slices – A new favourite cheese! I currently love Tesco’s free from Jalapeno and Cheddar cheese. They’re firm favourites in our house. Personally, though I fell in love with this cheese. The packet didn’t last long. Just wish they sold it in more shops so I’m unlikely to buy it on a regular basis because of the inconvenience but it was really tasty. Great in sandwiches, on burgers or even on pasta.

Vemoda Falafel – The falafels were yum. I’ve had them before so they’re good enough that I would buy them again but they’re a little dry. Most wouldn’t find this an issue but I like to eat my falafels straight out the packet, on their own.

These snacks by Alesto make me think of the Graze snack boxes. They were a fairly decent price at 99p and are a tasty, filling snack. Personally, I really enjoyed the Sriracha Crunch, they had a lovely spice that wasn’t too overpowering and a lot of flavour. The Smokehouse BBQ crunch were also pretty good, a nice flavour but not my favourite. The cashews in the Punchy protein nuts were super tasty, I ended up picking all those out of that pack. I don’t remember what the coating was on the cashews but I went crazy over them. The Veggie Protein Power, they were also ok but these were my least favourite, they weren’t anything special.

Alesto Goji & Coconut Power Balls – I’m a sucker for protein balls/bliss balls, whatever you like to call them. I love them and have made some recipes for my own in the past that you can find here. These were a great price and a really nice flavour. The right combination of sweetness with the flavour of coconut at the end. You feel like you get a lot in the bag as well because they are bite-sized which personally I prefer compared to the big sized protein balls that can often come in individual packs and just don’t seem worth the money unless it’s an emergency. So, very tasty and I would buy them again.

Kallo Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes – These weren’t a new product to me but were a pretty good price from Lidl for the promotions. So I filled up. They’re a great snack when you’re craving chocolate but wanting something a little healthier. Filling and tasty.

Nairns Snackers – I bought these little oat snacks as a healthy snack to dip into houmous and they were great for the job. Much better than other oat snacks I’ve tried in the past so I would recommend them. Also not sure if I would buy them again though. I don’t like to encourage my houmous addiction.

Kallo Blueberry & Vanilla – These are wonderful. If you haven’t bought any give them a go. I’ve always had rice cakes in a tin on the side as a healthy snack but only ever eaten them when I’m desperate because I find them so bland. I’m also not really one for making a meal out of a snack, I like something quick and simple that I can grab out the cupboard ready to go. Which is where these blueberry & vanilla ones come into it. They’re so tasty and I have happily been munching on them as a go-to healthy snack. I liked them so much that I returned to Lidl after a few days to buy more of these because I couldn’t find them in Tesco. So I have had a stock of them in my cupboard.


Personally, my favourites were definitely the nut snack boxes, the blueberry and vanilla rice cakes, the protein balls and the cheddar slices. I would without a doubt buy all of these again and might pester Tesco to see if they will consider stocking them in the future. If anyone knows of any main supermarkets (Asda, Morrisons etc) that sell any of these products then please let me know.

It’s also important to mention that this wasn’t everything that Lidl had to offer. They have a huge Veggie Selection including freezer meals which unfortunately weren’t Vegan. They also had some Vegan snacks available that you can see more info about in the last haul I did.

Have you been filling up for Veggie week? Let me know your favourites.

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