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Hello, something I seem to neglect writing about enough on here is myself and my everyday. I write advice, tips, guidance, recipes. Pretty much anything that will help others but I don’t just sit down and talk to you guys and that’s something I really want to get better at doing. I think the main reason I struggle with this is that generally I only open up to people I’m close to or my therapist. So, this is a challenge me that I’m setting myself to continue doing this year and hopefully next year as well.

So, what do I want to talk about today? 

Well, yesterday, honestly was a tough day for me. As you may know, I am losing weight, if you didn’t know this you can read my post here on how I’m losing weight the healthy way. Yesterday I struggled up majorly. My anxiety was playing up and I hadn’t had enough sleep recently which meant I felt hungry. That plus recent issues with my body and going through getting diagnosed with PCOS. There’s been a lot for me to handle at the minute and yesterday I broke. Rather than distracting from the feelings I gave into them. I became anxious, frustrated and sad and worst of all, I binged. Binge eating is something I’ve struggled with over the past five years and for the most part, have it under control since I went Vegan but this was a bad day. I most likely ate 1000 more calories than I do normally and I felt so ill by the time it got to the afternoon. My body had enough. I had been stressed all day, my heart rate was running high and then I overloaded my body with food. It was of no surprise to me when I had to snack on ginger, felt like I was going to throw up and was sat there feeling sorry for myself and beating myself up about what I had done.

But, in the back of my mind I knew. Tomorrow would be a better day because I was going to make it happen. Rather than allowing my anxiety to win or my binge eating to control me. I had the bad day, I suffered for it, and that is all I am allowing my anxiety and binge eating to be in the limelight for. I was done with it. So, today I got up early, I skipped my workout so I wouldn’t be stressing over that (we’ll talk about that another day) I drank some freshly made juice this morning. Did some walking, ate a super healthy lunch and low-calorie snacks, kind of like cleansing my body from yesterdays discomfort. Then, this afternoon I have been getting things done which yesterday was a struggle for me to do. I am feeling so positive today! and, better yet, my positivity has shown through in everything I’ve done. I spent a couple of hours communicating with other bloggers and received so many lovely responses, got a few new followers and even made a new friend.

I guess I just wanted to write this post to show you. Even if you’re having the worst day. Always tell yourself that tomorrow will be better. Heck, it might not be but it’s that positive frame of mine that will make all the difference. Think positive and you will be positive. Think negative and you dig a deeper hole for yourself.

Sorry, this post is a little wordy, I just wanted to make a point and give positivity the limelight.

Thank you!

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