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My 100th blog post – What I’ve learnt and What’s Next

As you may have guessed from the title. This post is my 100th blog post. Technically I think I’ve already surpassed this but due to clearing out old posts this is the official 100th blog post. First of all, thank you to any followers, old, present and new. You’re the reason I continue doing what I love and sharing all the nitty-gritty. I thought I would use this post to focus on what I’ve learned since I began blogging.

It’s less about writing

When I decided to start blogging I mainly began WallyJay as a way to promote Veganism, create recipes and hone in my writing. I figured what better way to improve my writing than to write but about something I’m more passionate about. I soon learned though that blogging is less about the writing and more to do with Social Networking and Technical bits and bobs. My husband is my technical king. Without him, I would still have the old crappy website. With his help, we’ve created a new website that looks great and does everything it needs to. We still have to regularly fix issues and update tools but it’s standing well and you guys seem to like it.

Social Networking is your main job 

Blogging is around 30% what you write and 70% marketing yourself. It’s something I still struggle with greatly and it shows. WallyJay isn’t as popular as it could be because I don’t focus enough on marketing. I’m a sucker for publishing a post and then forgetting it exists whereas what you really need to do is share, share and share some more. Talk about what you’ve put up. Comment on other peoples blogs. Interact with the community. Share on numerous social media sites.

Social Networking is a huge part of most things these days and if you know how to use it, it makes all the difference, but, as I said, truth be told, I don’t use it as I should and it’s something I need to focus on.

Write what you love and know 

A great way of making your blog a success is focusing your writing on fewer topics and writing about things you’re passionate about. Passion shows in writing. Your audience will know if you care what you’re writing about. Don’t write crap. You wouldn’t want to read it so don’t make other people read it and certainly don’t waste your time writing it.

People want what’s real. They want your help, guidance, and truth. So, write what you know and give it you’re all.

Always proofread

I hold my hands up, I’m still guilty of missing things here and there. Punctuation mistakes, bad grammar. I always proofread my work but sometimes things slip through. That just shows how important proofreading is. Most of the mistakes I catch by reading over my work before publishing so imagine how many mistakes there would be if I didn’t do that? That just looks unprofessional and effects the readability of your posts.

Don’t do it to make money

If you start blogging as a way to earn some money then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Yes, some people do make money from blogging and can actually turn it into their main income but it’s a small minority of the population. Most bloggers don’t get any money. I didn’t start WallJay to make money. Wallyjay exists because I want to promote my lifestyle, show people how easy it is and help others and that is exactly what I’m doing.

Be careful with images 

I get some of my images from Stock photos but you do have to be careful. Most of my photos I take myself. Never, take random pictures from google images or other people’s websites. Make sure you know where the photo has come from. If not, lawsuits might be coming your way. Seriously, people get super peed off when you take their photos without their permission and you can get into some serious trouble for doing it.

It’s not worth it. Either ask for permission to use the photo or just use a stock photo website, or, even better, take your own pictures.

Never compare

Your blog is unique. Just like people are. No two are the same. They may be similar but never the same so don’t try and copy others. Your blog is its own thing. If you spend your time copying other people’s work because it’s popular or looks good then somewhere down the line you will run out of content or someone will realize and you will lose your credibility and your audience. Embrace your blog for what it is and allow it to be its own thing. Most of the time it’s a part of your personality so allow that part to shine through. People want to know who you are.

Don’t be boring

If you’re always writing about the same stuff people will get bored. Test the waters, write about taboo topics, get the ball rolling and tell people your opinions. Just make sure to clarify that they’re your opinions.

Don’t be boring and mundane. Write what you’re passionate about and write what’s on your mind. That is what people want to read. Just like you wouldn’t want to read an autobiography about someone who didn’t do much with their life. It’s the same for your audience, write about the interesting, the exciting and the relatable.


Blogging is somewhat like a journal for myself and many others. For some, their blogs are just a place to share information but for many, it’s a place to share their feelings. You write about how you’re feeling, how you are thinking and your experiences help others going through similar.

This is another reason it’s so important to allow your blog to be its own thing. It helps your own mindset. It allows you to write down what’s bothering you and get things off your chest. For the most part, I don’t have a lot of issues running through my mind so I usually post in the way of helping others with guides and advice, that is my way of getting things off my chest. I’m my own therapy session.

My writing has improved

It’s a given that with writing so many blog posts my writing has improved. It speaks for itself really. The more you practice the better you get.


It’s created for me a whole network I didn’t know existed – a whole community of people dealing with similar problems to my own or even people looking to go Vegan themselves who haven’t made the change yet. There are so many people to connect with which is a great advantage of social networking even though it’s so time-consuming.

Opinionated People

People will always have opinions and that’s ok. When you turn Vegan you soon learn to ignore the comments and faces. It’s the same with blogging when people ask you about your job. Fortunately, I am also a writer and that is what I see as my main career so to speak. I love blogging and spend a lot of time doing it but it’s my side project.

What’s next?

So, 100 blog posts down. What can you expect for the next 100? Or even 50?

Well, I need to focus on Social Networking the blog more. Interacting with other bloggers, brands. Anything to draw attention to Walljyay but also to allow me possible opportunities to progress further. I also really want to start focusing on a recipe-book as well as some helpful guides towards a better level of mindfulness such as an Anxiety help guide. Something along those lines.

These are two projects I’ve been wanting to do for a while and will be doing at some point in the future so keep an eye out for that. In the nearer future, I will be posting some updates on my mental health and my period problems so keep an eye out for those.

Are you a blogger? Let me know what you’ve learned in your time blogging.

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