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Thriving on supplements – Daily vitamins

I’ve touched on this briefly in my post ‘Anxiety Self Help – Advice and Tips” it’s a great look into how I deal with my Generalised Anxiety Disorder, I would highly recommend giving it a read. You may find some helpful tips.

So, what’s the point of this post? 

Well, people seem to see the term ‘supplements’ as a dirty word. You’re still perfectly healthy if you take supplements. Consider supplements the safety net to your general wellbeing. I would also like to show the importance of these vitamins because as with most deficiencies, you won’t know you’re deficient until you’re in trouble and have to be pumped full of that vitamin to get your levels to an ok amount. So, surely it’s better to take a little pill every day to avoid that happening?

Now, onto what I take every day (all most). 

General Vegan Multivitamin

I eat a very healthy diet but I like to take a multivitamin just in case. It gives you everything you need as a minimum on a daily basis in order for your body and mental health to function at 100%.


Because of Anxiety and undiagnosed IBS, I struggle with tummy issues a lot, mainly constipation. I only recently found out that you’re supposed to take a probiotic every single day. So, I started taking one recently and haven’t had stomach issues since. It could be a coincidence or it could be down to the extra good bacteria in my gut.

Probiotics help mental health conditions, heart health, allergies, eczema, weight loss and they can boost your immune system. Probiotics also help women maintain a natural PH balance with makes you less susceptible to infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis or Thrush.

Vitamin D (In winter) 

Everyone, I repeat, everyone should be taking Vitamin D in the winter if you live in a colder climate such as the UK. Anywhere that you don’t get a lot of sun in the colder seasons. You get your Vitamin D from the Sun, without the sun means no Vitamin D. You may feel fine but it’s one of those vitamins you don’t want to risk being low on and you only show symptoms when you’re already quite deficient. Don’t take that risk.

Folate – Also known as Vitamin B9 

You may be more familiar with ‘Folic Acid’, Folic acid is a non-natural vitamin in our body so you have to take more in order for your body to absorb it. Folate is better to take as it’s a natural form that is better absorbed by your body. Folate isn’t just for pregnant women. It helps prevent breast cancer, heart disease, anemia, and age-related conditions. Don’t overlook this important vitamin.

UPDATE – I no longer take Evening Primrose, Ashwagandha or Iron. Evening primrose isn’t intended for people trying to conceive. Ashwagandha I’m going to go without to see if it makes a lot of difference to me personally and Iron was making me constipated so I have changed my diet and upped my Iron from food instead. I’m also now taking the following vitamins on top of the ones I’ve carried on. 

Coenzyme Q10 

This is something that most people get naturally through there diet but there has been shown to be an advantage to taking extra to help with certain conditions such as when you’re trying to conceive. This little miracle worker can improve both egg quality and fertilization rates.

Flaxseed Oil 

Instead of relying on Flaxseed for my Omega 3 I have started taking Flaxseed Oil every day to make sure I get the benefits. Omega 3 helps to prevent and manage heart disease and lowers blood pressure among other benefits.

Vitamin C 

There has been evidence to show that a high dose of Vitamin C can treat fertility issues and give your body a boost in trying to conceive. So, I and my husband are both on 1000mg a day which seems to be working great for us both. We have more energy and our spirits are higher.

I hope by reading this post you become more aware of the supplements our bodies need to be healthy. This is just a few of the supplements out there but it’s also some of the most important ones to take. Self-care starts with what you put inside your body. How do you expect to feel good if you don’t give your body what it needs? The easiest way to consider it is that your body is a machine. Just like if you were wanting to lose weight. 

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