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Become a more positive person

Positivity, as I’ve said many times before is the root of your tree but in this modern world, it’s so difficult to stay positive. Things are complicated and there are so many stressors in our everyday lives, but, if you learn to turn the negative into something positive it’s a great way to become a more positive person overall.

A few examples of this: 

If your husband angers you because he has an annoying habit such as, oh I don’t know. Leaving the toilet seat up? (not mine, luckily). Instead of getting annoyed by that, try to appreciate it for what it is. Yes, that habit may be a little frustrating for you or inconvenient BUT it’s what makes him who he is and those annoying habits from people are the kind of things you miss about them when they’re gone. So instead of being annoyed about the habbit consider it a positive that the person who you love dearly is so close to you all the time that the habbit annoys you in the first place.

You see what I’m saying??

Let’s try another.

You are upset because you’ve had some bad news. Let’s go to worst case scenario. Maybe you’ve had to quit your job or you’ve fired or let go. Either way, you’ve lost your job. You spent, say, 20 years working for them and all of a sudden you feel lost and without an income. So, how are you feeling? Angry, frustrated, lost, sad, anxious, worried. There are so many emotions going through your head right now and because you’re feeling them all at once they are so strong you just feel like crap.

BUT, that’s why turning it into positive can be so important. Instead of focusing on losing your job, focus on being able to start again. Maybe get a better job with a better income or even have had a chance to pick up that dusty book you’ve been meaning to read.

The lesson to learn

Just because I’ve given you examples of how it’s done does not mean you are going to step off the train with a new positive outlook on everything in your life. It doesn’t happen like that. It takes time and practice, lots of time. People who have been doing it for years still struggle and so they should. Whenever something bad happens in your life you will need to try to take a step back and see it from a different perspective in order to turn those emotions or feelings into positive ones.

If you keep up with me you may that recently I took my books down from Amazon kindle so they’re no longer for sale. When I did this I felt sad, defeated, fustrated but then I started seeing the positive. Now that I’ve done that I can focus on improving my writing skills and making those books ten times better.

There’s always a way to see the positive. You just have to be willing to try. 

What’s an example of a negative situation that you’ve managed to turn into positive? Let me know.

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