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New book progress – Changed name & exciting twists

Hello! Hope you’re all well. As promised, here’s the latest sneak peek from the new book.

The title of which has changed from ‘Deaths Absence’ to ‘Living in Limbo’. Enjoy!

Copyright Kimberley Jackson, 2018

“I’m going to call you Emily”

Saying the words makes it seem more real. Images flash into his mind like watching an old film, the film is still there but the tape is broken. It feels good to have thoughts of her again though. The one who owned the trophy that sits at the bottom of his bag, wrapped in layers and cherished. Zale smiles but its lips turn differently this time, not all the way up, just on one side of his scaly lips.

“Yes, that’s your name now”

He stares at the dog for a second. Not to expect a response but to tell her the information. Then he remembers that she’s just a dog and steps out from there hiding spot, into the middle of the road. It’s a little risky with the Stitcher nearby but if they’re too head to the forestry in the distance then they need to know which way to go. It seems quiet for now but that could change any second. They stand still, grounding themselves…..

Suddenly, Emily let’s out a small whine. Zale considers that she may just be in pain but it doesn’t stop him from halting where he is.

He turns off his light and ducks down.

When I give you these sneak peeks it’s always bits and pieces broken up to get you excited about the book. I hope it’s working!

If you keep up with reading these sneak peeks you may spot potential twists in the plot.

Let me know your thoughts so far!


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