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Hello! Recently I’ve started working with the ‘Vegan Warrior Academy‘ posting the occasional blog post for them. I’m excited as it allows me to write more in-depth about subjects I wouldn’t necessarily write about here, but, I feel the importance of still writing a little summary and posting the main article in case you want to read it.

So, let’s talk about Self Love. 

It’s the way you start everything. It’s one of the important roots of the positivity tree. In order to show respect, love, gratitude and all those positive emotions towards another, you also have to consider them for yourself. You have to love yourself and enjoy your own company because you’re stuck with yourself for the rest of your life.

Personally, I think mental health goes hand in hand with Self-love. They don’t fix each other but they connect on a large level. When you love yourself your mind starts loving itself. You feel less anxious about small events because you can rely on positivity to help you and you know in your heart that you’re ok and that things will always get better.

Positivity is contagious and self-love is the foundation of that. 

Self-love is the source of all our other loves.

The three steps towards self-love are as follows:


Acceptance refers to the acceptance of what is and how things are. If you want to change something but you can’t. If you don’t like something about yourself (your flaws) but can’t do much about it. The first step to self-love is to accept yourself for what you’re. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn new skills or change your appearance, it simply means to accept who you’re as you stand. It means to lose the foundation of what makes you…you.

For me, this means accepting my body how it is so I can learn to work on it and improve it. Just like you would if you have a problem, you identify the problem and then find the solution. You, as you are now, is the problem in a way. The way you deal with yourself and the way you treat yourself. The solution is self-love.


After acceptance is to embrace. Once you have accepted things you have to embrace and revel in them. Give yourself a hug, look after yourself. Validate the good things about yourself and focus on the positive rather than the things you can’t change.

Trust your instincts and your gut feel and learn to really listen to your body. Connect with yourself.


Finally, now it’s time to live! Like really live, not just surviving through the day and taking things as it comes. Live for you. Do the things that make you happy. Take time out of your day, every day, to focus on yourself.

Eat that chocolate bar, say no to seeing friends if you need some time to connect with yourself again. You will only be the best person you’re capable of by allowing yourself to just….be. To feel, think and focus on what you want to. Have some respect and love for yourself and before you know it everything else will start clicking into place.


As I said, this is just a little summary of self-love, you can read the full article on the ‘Vegan Warrior Academy’ here.

Do you love yourself? What problems are you facing? Let me know below.

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