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What’s new in my world? Life Updates and exciting opportunities

Hello! It feels like a long time since I’ve done one of these posts. I generally don’t enjoy writing about myself but I feel like it’s an important aspect of blogging as it takes my connection with the audience and you guys to a new level. So, what’s been happening with me? Read until the very end for the most exciting life update!

Writing -I am still writing ‘Deaths Absence’, it’s going pretty well and I’ve recently thought of a dark twist which has made it even more exciting! I’m trying to get it written and published this year at the minute but we’ll see how it goes. I would also love to get my Christmas Collection of short stories released later on in the year.

Wally Jay -As you know, I’m always uploading regularly on here. I upload about my writing, new books and recently I’m trying to write more about myself and open up a little to you guys. Somewhat of a new direction for the site. I’m also posting regular Vegan Recipes which is taking up more and more space on the website now but I love making recipes. I think over the next months though I need to focus more on updating old pictures.

Instagram – If you don’t already follow me on Instagram then I suggest you change that. I have two accounts. @wally.jay (link below) is my main one, full of colorful, healthy, plant-based recipes and pictures. I love the direction Instagram is taking me in and it really helps encourage my healthy eating. So many vibrant foods! My current favorite is definitely smoothie bowls but there’s also pasta, buddha bowls, and even the occasional meme.

The other Instagram account I have is one dedicated to my writing. It allows me to post about any new books etc. However, I’m not sure if I will keep it for much longer, it doesn’t create many audiences from Instagram and I really don’t like how it looks. So we’ll see. I’ll post a link for that one as well just in case you want to see it.

Food @wally.jay – Link

Books @kimberleyjacksonbooks – Link

Diet & Weight loss – If you follow me around you may know that I’ve been on a weight loss journey. Going on 4 months now. In that time I’ve lost 1 1/2 stone and 3 inches off several problem areas. In the future, once I’ve hit my weight goal I will be doing a post about how I lost the weight as a helpful guide for others. For the time being though, you may be waiting for the post because my estimated time to hit my goal will be February next year, give or take a few months.

Mental Health – My anxiety generally has been pretty good, I’ve had a pill here and there but it’s been ok. The past couple of days have been more of a challenge. I’ve had a new opportunity come up and anything new sets of my anxiety issues but, as the week has progressed it’s settled back down again. It just mean I had to take better care of myself and get more sleep where I can.

Home life – Not much has changed in our home life. My husband is working hard as always. We’re currently in the progress of researching and hopefully building some kind of cat run for the three cats. Or, possibly cat-proofing the garden. Either way, we’re trying to make it so they can go in and out of the garden freely which will be perfect for us in the coming warmer months.

Now, onto the biggest piece of news!

Not long ago, a member of a Vegan Facebook group posted asking if there were any bloggers or writers in the community. I replied straight away and within a couple of days, I was then asked to be part of the Vegan Warrior Academy and write the occasional blog post for them. It’s a new site but the couple has been around for a while trying to make a difference. They have programs and courses, a blog, apparel, events and a community to share your own stories and opinions. They post regularly on their facebook pages as well. The blog is where I come in.

Writing for them will hopefully allow me to write about deeper topics that I otherwise wouldn’t necessarily write about on Wally Jay. Topics such as Self-love, personal development, and the occasional short story. I’m not sure if it will be a long-term thing but I am very excited to be working with them at the minute.

You can view my member’s profile here.

Or, check out my first post on the site here.

Their mission is “To create a compassionate, connected global community of happy, healthy, and balanced vegan change-makers”.


That’s it for now guys. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. What’s going off in your lives? Let me know 🙂

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