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‘Deaths Absence’ – Sneak Peek of my new book.

Death’s Absence (still a working title) is coming along nicely and really starting to take form. Most of the chapters and content of each has now been decided, and, the ending may be allowing for a second book to be made. For now, here’s another little snippet of the book so far.

They’re achingly slow and it takes them several minutes to reach the wall where Kalmin and the dog are hunkering down in the shadows. Kalmin considers every eventuality and scenario if they’re found. He plays each one in his mind, every tiny atom of indecision and certainty…

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What do you think so far? To the title, to the content, let me know. I would love to hear what you want to see in this book. Like this post, if you enjoyed it and want to see more and comment below to share your opinions. I will be releasing a (working) blurb within the coming weeks so keep your eye out for that.


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