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What makes you feel good?

Often tied in with looking good and doing good in life, which in turn encourages happiness. Feeling good is the start of the butterfly effect. It shapes our life and everything in it. So, I want to know. What makes you feel good?

Part of that butterfly effect is positivity. It has a huge impact on helping us to feel good. I recently wrote about positivity being the route of our tree. The start of everything. You can read it here. For some, feeling good comes easier than with others. I’ve really struggled in the past due to my mental health but over the years I’ve really learnt to help myself and even went as far as writing a Self-help guide from my experience.

What makes me feel good? Well, there’s the obvious, my Husband, family, friends, the cats, writing, reading books and of course, my Vegan lifestyle has a large impact on how I feel. But, what are some of the less obvious things that make me feel good?

I love falling to sleep to the sound of rain. I love waking up to see snow and I love when my husband makes me laugh. These make me feel wonderful and for the most part, make me very happy in life. As I said, it’s the butterfly effect all over. If I wake up to the site of snow it puts me in a great mood which encourages positive thoughts and actions which only add to my good mood for the day and usually makes my day a wonderful one.

What gives you that feeling? It could be someone you love, a pet, a friend. It could be something you like listening to or something you like reading. Something you enjoy looking at or maybe even something you enjoy playing.

What is it that makes you, you?

Is it something you need to be doing more and focusing on time for. In order to embrace happiness, you have to accept all the elements of such an empowering feeling and emotion. You have to be a little stern with yourself and make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to invest in the things you love.

So, let me know in the comments below! What makes you feel good and why? 

It’s probably something that makes you unique. It could even be something that people admire about you. It could be something delicious. It could be something a little bit weird. No matter how big or small. It’s what makes you the person you are.

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