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Newest Book ‘Death’s Absence’ Sneak Peek

This delightful story….well not so delightful as dark but very cool will be a Thriller/Horror and here’s a little snippet below. As you’re probably aware, it is a work in progress and a working title so what you read may not make it into the final edit but that’s why sneak peeks are great. You get to see the creations being built and moulded into something wonderful.

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‘Death’s Absence’ – ©2011 Kimberley Jackson. All rights reserved.

With no essence of humanity left. Ferals were once people but now were something closer to monsters. Imagine your worst childhood nightmares. The worst serial killers you’ve ever heard of. The most feared and dangerous animals you have thought of. Ferals were at the top of the food chain. They were all of these but also none of them. They knew how to be silent but they also knew how to make a lot of noise if they chose to. If they really wanted to torment you they would corner you for days, make scraping and scratching noises close to your ear to let you think you were safe before pouncing. If they wanted to though, they can make no sound at all. The only sound being people’s screams or the scruffle of material as their bodies are dragged away.

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