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Lidl Veggie Week, Vegan Food Haul – February 2018

I set my alarm in eager anticipation for Lidl Veggie Week this year. Last year was the first time we went and fell in love with many of the meat alternatives so this time we made sure to get there early and fill up on the goods. Many of the items we have popped in the freezer as good gotos. Did I mention most of them are very low calorie as well? The chicken pieces are 100 calories for half a pack. The Pakora (a new found love this time around) are only 49 calories per one. Make sure to my post from last year about Lidl Veggie Week which goes into much more detail of what’s available. (Sorry about the mediocre photos, we were in a rush to try all the tasty things).

These are the range of meat alternative we bought this year. Chicken pieces, Mince and Gyros. All delicious and go perfectly with variable recipes. Last night we mixed the chicken pieces with sweetcorn and had it over Avocado Toast for a quick delicious evening meal. The Gyros are wonderful in wraps and the mince makes a lovely Chilli. These meat packs are £1.49 each I believe.

I was also excited to find some Tinned Lychees and Marinated Tofu. The Tofu is part of Veggie week, it doesn’t say what it’s marinated with on the packet as far as I can see but I’m guessing it will be a range of spices. I’m not sure if the tinned lychees are a regular to Lidl or there for Veggie week but they’re one of my many favourite fruits so I’m excited to gorge on them.

In our ventures, we also headed to Poundstretcher after hearing about the Vegan, cheaper version of Ferrero Rocher for £2.99 that they started selling. We bought a few other goodies while we were there. The noodles and Pakora are from Lidl. The sweet potato Pakora is definitely a new favourite for both myself and my husband and after hunting for a recipe seems quite easy to make. A new favourite dish in the works I think.

Personally, after trying the Ferrero Rocher I wasn’t impressed. They were very dry like unflavoured wafers. Still edible and would probably taste delicious crumbled over Ice cream or something but on there own there aren’t that great. Sorry Vegan gods!

The ruffles are a past favourite. If aren’t aware, I made a healthy version of these Mint Ruffles and the Raspberry Ruffles which are not as sweet but certainly much healthier, sometimes you need the convenience though. The peanut bars are the bottom, now these are a new find in Poundstretcher, well, at least I haven’t noticed them before. The ingrediants seem fine, there’s not much in them. I am yet to try them but if it’s peanuts and sweetness there’s no major room to go wrong there.

What do you think of the haul? Are there things you’ve tried and loved or things you’ve hated? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the Lidl Veggie Week as well. Personally, I love it but wish they provided many of these products on a regular basis.

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