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Positivity – The root of your tree

Hello, so I began this blog by searching for a definition of the term positivity or positive. I thought it would come up with something pretty good to put at the start and work from but all I got was a lot of jargon about this or that. Positive emotions, feelings good, actions with good effects. Blah, blah, blah.

So then I started worming my way around and doing some research but came to the conclusion that there is no easy way to explain positive. It’s an emotion, it’s in our thoughts, feelings and it’s in what we do. It also means something completely different to each beautiful individual in the world. So, I am writing to you about my version of positivity and what it means to me and the experience I have of such a powerful constitution.

Positivity is the soul

This title may fool you. I promise I’m not going to be talking about your spirit or your soul like I’m on some kind of hallucinogenic. Each too there own but it’s not my vibe. This is more of a metaphor for your own wellbeing and mindset.

If you act, behave and think positively it behaves like a butterfly effect. Even if you don’t feel like it. Start encouraging positivity. Try smiling and before you know it your brain will start telling you that you’re happy.  From here you may smile to a stranger and they will smile back, before long you are having lovely motivational conversations with other people. You are leaving the house and going on calming walks, just to be out. This could lead to you helping someone in need in the street or maybe finding a lost dog or just a simple thing like going to work with a positive attitude can increase your work performance and lead onto bigger and better opportunities. You may even pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read or start a new hobby. Positivity is key in the equation.

So how do I instil positivity in my day? I use positive thoughts and words, I tell myself I want to do this rather than I need to do this. I will take regular breaks and give myself time to recuperate, this includes attending therapy when I feel like I would really benefit. Go easy on yourself. Look after your mind, eat well and exercise and tell yourself you’re beautiful, amazing and you deserve this.

It’s contagious

Have you ever walked down the street and a stranger has smiled at you? You instinctively smile back and you feel better for it. Or, maybe you have a nice chat with the till staff in a shop and it leaves you in a good mood and makes your day a whole lot better. Now flip it around, imagine yourself smiling at more strangers, saying hello to your neighbours or making conversation with a member of the community. Think about all of the people’s days you could improve and how good they may feel and how great you will feel by doing such a little thing.

Now use this same idea and use it as an example on other parts of your life. You help a colleague at work and they go home with a smile on there face and make their husband smile after he’s had a rough day at work. You make your teacher laugh at a joke and she heads to the hospital to see her husband and manages to make him laugh with that same joke for the first time in weeks.

Positivity is contagious. Laughing, smiling, motivational quotes, compliments. All the food things associated with it are contagious and can influence everyone around you.

I like to smile a lot at strangers in the street and I love nattering to people in shops. I generally just love chatting with people and seeing how they are because I want people to be ok. I’ve been on the opposite end of the scale and it’s not a nice feeling thinking you are being ignored or thinking you might as well not exist. Don’t allow someone to feel that way or make you feel that way. Be a good friend, colleague, sister, mother or even just a good stranger. Be the one that makes people smile rather than the reason they’re crying.

It gets you places

At one time in my life not so long ago I was working on a till in a crappy job and I hated it. My anxiety was at it’s worst and I was pretty miserable. Getting married and having the support of my husband gave me the opportunity to try other ventures. So I quit my job and focused on hobbies for a few months to allow my anxiety levels to become healthier. In this time of experimentation I tried painting, candle making and finally I found writing and my love for it.

I just sat down at the computer one day and started writing. That same year I started attending therapy, I created this website and started writing blogs and by the end of the year I had self-published 1 book and 4 shoer stories. All in one year, because I told myself I could do it.


Finding that feeling of accomplishment and having something worthwhile job-wise was a huge motivator for me and now that I’ve found it I’ve grabbed hold with two hands and I’m doing everything in my power to improve and become the best version I can be. I’m working on improvements to the website, learning how to use a proper camera to take decent pictures, taking classes on everything from web development to creative writing as well as writing another book on the side.

Healthy mind, healthy body

Positivity can increase your lifespan. Think about it. A positive attitude toward life can relieve stress and anxiety and help you to deal with everyday situations a lot better. Your positivity also encourages you to improve aspects of your life such as your mentality and your overall health. You may start drinking more water or exercising and realise how good it feels. Every positive change can lead to an extra day, month, year on your life.

You may also surprise yourself and reek the benefits of such a thing. You may find yourself buying a smaller sized dress or having less skin or gut problems. Maybe your hair becomes thicker and shinier or your eczema clears up. All are a butterfly effect that can be started with a positive mindset.

For me, my diet plays a key role in my positive vibes. If I eat good, I feel good. Part of this involves around being a Vegan. I feel good knowing I am not responsible for an animal’s suffering, just as you would feel good for rescuing a homeless dog or helping a lost child home. To me, there is no difference and that is the starting point of my butterfly effect.

Be the best version of yourself

To sum it up, I don’t claim to be positive all the time. That would be impossible. Life throws rocks and sometimes your mood hits the bed from where the rock came. It happens. We aren’t perfect. However, I think it’s important to take from this that you should strive to be as postie as you can be. Even if it’s one simple positive step that you follow today to make today a good day. It could be as simple as smiling at a stranger and saying hello or picking up a piece of rubbish. You don’t know how your positivity can influence someone else.

“You must become the producer, director, and actor in the unfolding story of your life.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

That greeting to another person considering suicide could be just enough to stop them that day and make them feel like they exist and are a part of something. Picking up that piece of litter could save an animals life. You don’t know. That is my point.


Be positive, make some changes. Start today and before you know it you will be growing some beautiful leaves on your branches.

What does positivity mean to you and how do you increase it in your life? Does it relate to your life goals or even your January goals? Let me know. I would love to hear your story. 


Thank you

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