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New followers and positive vibes

Hello, just wanted to say a quick thank you to any followers past and present and all the positive vibes I’ve been receiving. My phone has been going on a couple of times each day with notifications of new followers or positive messages on my Instagram book account about the content I write which is so much appreciated. Without your comments and follows I would not be doing what I love right now so thank you. It’s amazing the progress that the site has made in just a year, in one whole year we’ve upgraded the website and given it a new home, I’ve released four books and I’m currently working on number 5. We have quite a few blog entries, around 90 ish now and many of these are about mental health and some yummy recipes so many sure to feast your eyes on some of the other content.

FYI – In case you would like to get involved me:

Instagram Account – @wally.jay

Facebook Recipes Community 

I post pretty regularly on all of my social media but I don’t keep to any schedule other than posting most days on my Instagram account. I would rather write great content and take a little longer than put something up just so there is something there. Hoping that makes sense and doesn’t put you off following me!

If there is anything you would like to see more of from me whether it’s a certain topic, an about me post, more sneak peaks of upcoming books. No matter what it is please do let me know and I can work on improving for you.

Oh and if there is anything I write about that really bugs you or you don’t like to see then feel free to comment about that as well

Thank you!

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