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Taking a breather for a healthier mind – Get a little lost

Hello, as part of mental health and having a healthier mind I think it’s underappreciated how much walking and taking time for yourself can really help. After a bit of a spat with my husband this morning I went for a wander. I had no idea where I was going I just walked. After about 20 mins I went down a little road and at the end was a small shrubbery surrounded by trees with a bench, slap bang in the middle and it was exactly what I needed. I sat there for about 40 mins just listening to the birds, the wind on the trees, smiling at the occasional dog walker and just giving myself and my mind time to get rid of the stress. I suppose you could say it’s a little like meditation. Just giving yourself a break away from reality and all the stress that goes with it.

It’s such a simple thing that can really help. I used to do it a lot when I was still a little high schooler but since being in my twenties I’ve found I’ve let this part of me slip into bad habits. I don’t allow myself a break and this is something I need to start doing.

So I urge you to just take a break once in a while. This doesn’t mean reading a book or checking your facebook in your home. Go for a walk, run around the neighbourhood, cycle around a lake, spend 20 minutes doing some meditation in your garden or you can even get a little lost and spend some time sitting on a bench. Get out the house and into nature. Do something to de-stress and recuperate your mind and just allow yourself to let go. Trust me, it helps a whole lot.

When I felt like it, I walked back home and got on with my day.

What are your favourite ways of de-stressing? What is on your mind?

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