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Comping Results 2017

Hello, if you have been following my blog for a while you may know about my time investment in Comping, that is the act of entering competitions on a daily basis. You can find out more about what Comping is here. 

I thought I would share with you guys my five biggest wins of 2017. I would class a big win as anything to the value of £50 or over. I often win little things here and there. My win lists consist of everything from films, vouchers, teddies, bath things, cleaning stuff, books, food, alcohol. Pretty much anything you can think.

Disclaimer – Just a reminder, I do this on a daily basis as a hobby and only enter the competitions that I want to win. It can take up quite a bit of my time but it’s something I enjoy doing. I am in no way saying everyone should do it. Also, each prize value and prize totals are just estimates. Usually, I will work out the price from the retail value but they are still estimates. 

Here’s the list of my five biggest 2017 wins. Highest prize value to lowest.

  • £200 – money from a National Lottery Facebook Competition
  • £165 – 850kg Bag of Gravel
  • £100 – Valentines day Selection – Business facebook post, included things such as a large teddy (super large), bath bombs, incense, candles and an M&S Voucher
  • £50 – Co-operative Supermarket Voucher
  • £50 – Online competition, Bissell cleaning products hamper

My 2017 Competition win total was – £1044.66 (give or take £100) 

These big wins are few and far between. Most of my prize value has come from little bits that I get through the most such as a selection of blu-rays in May or some Lipstick in July. The competition wins also vary regularly month to month which is just part of entering competitions. It’s unpredictable. Some months I will win a lot and other months I won’t win anything.

It has slowed down a little more since I went Vegan at the beginning of the year as I obviously try to avoid entering any competitions to win products or food that I won’t use or consume. I still love doing it though 😀

Do you enter competitions? What is your biggest win of 2017? Or even just your biggest win. Have you got one you’re particularly pleased about? Let me know 🙂

Happy comping 2018!

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