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Spending Pennies – Fitbit

Hello, so as you can probably tell by the title of the post. I got a Fitbit Charge 2. They were on offer in Currys and we’ve each been after one for a while now. He got black and I got this pretty one. Originally I wanted the skinny Alpha but I liked the capabilities of this one and actually thought the skinny one was a little too skinny for my liking when I saw it in the shop…..

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So a little more about how it’s working for me. I’m loving it so far.


First thing first on set up is putting in goals. Mine are weight management (weight loss), 10,000 steps a day and 5 30 minute exercise sessions every week. My husband has set his to focus more on sleep, drinking enough water and doing 8,000 steps a day.

There are also goals for Floors, Distance and active minutes and possibly a few others. You can really make it specific to your needs which is awesome and goals are great little tools to keep you motivated. Especially when the Fitbit gives you awards for achieving them and hitting specific milestones.


I’ve been tracking my steps, workouts, heart rate. We went for a walk this morning and got up to 6,000 steps with a 1-hour walk/workout around the neighborhood. We are using the furthest toilet away from us just so we get our steps up and we’ve just been walking a circuit around the house! If any of the neighbors see…

We have recently bought some new fancy scales from Nokia as well that are quite extent with the measurements. This also connects and updates automatically on the Fitbit App on our phones which is good.

Sleep patterns

Last night it tracked my sleep patterns for the first time. This I can see is going to be really useful. It shows you each stage of your sleep cycle and how long you spend in each one. There’s also information on the bottom of the screen for each.

It’s very handy to see how well you sleep and how you can improve. Personally, I do ok getting my 8 hours each night but it’s nice to see if my sleep stays healthy. This feature is likely to be useful to my husband more as he struggles with sleep, late nights and getting up in the morning.

Silent alarms that vibrate on your wristwatch can be set as normal alarms would which can help you wake up in the morning if you find yourself hitting that snooze button.

Weight and food

As I mentioned we have new scales which update everything on the Fitbit App automatically. Very handy for weighing yourself every day as it takes all the stress out of it.

As well as the fitness tracking with the watch I am using the App to keep a log of all my food and drink that I consume i.e. calorie counting. It’s something that I really hate doing as it takes so long to input all the foods but it does get easier the more you do it and it helps a lot to avoid overeating or not eating enough.

You can also set a silent alarm (it vibrates gently on your wrist) to go off every hour. This is your alarm to get up and wander around the house if you have been sat down for too long. Great to give your brain a rest from the work you’re doing and to stretch your legs while getting your step count up.

Stress relief

There’s a little feature on this watch when you click it, it helps you focus on your breathing for two minutes. You have to do as it says and ‘Follow the circle to keep it sparkling’. Small vibrations tell you when to breathe in and out. It may sound simple but when I feel my anxiety starting to play up it can be so difficult sometimes to force yourself to breathe properly. It sometimes has the opposite effect on me and stressed me out even more.

However, so far this little feature has been a godsend. Anytime my heart palpitations startup I spend two minutes, sometimes longer doing some breathing and following the instructions. I find focusing on the watch and the little heart picture it brings up really helps me focus.

Social standings

On the app, there’s a Community button which allows you to post progress pictures and statuses a lot like general social media. You can also join groups of interest such as ‘Vegan’ ‘Health eating’ and ‘Yoga’ which are subject categories for what you want to read, talk about or share. Feel free to add me as a friend!

It’s a great little touch the social side of things. As well as the groups you can cheer and taunt other members, all most like a love or like button and you can set and compete in challenges with friends or other members of the community which can be helpful for a lot of people.

The challenges are a small downside for me. It would only encourage negative thoughts if I didn’t win and make me underappreciate the results I have so personally I avoid these.

There also a help/guidance section on the Fitbit app that has a lot of useful information and articles on it.

Is it worth it?

Everyone is different but for me, I feel it promotes good habits. It encourages me to walk around more, exercise more and it makes me more aware of my body, sleep and what I eat every day so yes, I would say it’s definitely worth the money. It takes a lot of the stress out of ‘being healthier’ for me.

Sorry if I missed any details out which I probably did! I’ve not been using it for long and I’m still learning. If I did miss anything out then please do let me know 🙂

In line with being healthier. What are your new year’s resolutions? Do you have weight-related ones? Hobbies? Work? Share them below and it may just be a bit of good luck. 


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