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A smart bomb for skin. ‘Silver Serum’ spot treatment review’

Hello, today I have a post I’ve been wanting to write for around a month now. I’m currently ill with a sickness bug so I thought why not post it today. It’s a little lengthy, skip to where it’s titled ‘The product’ if you’re not interested in success pictures and information on the business. I would recommend giving it a read though 🙂

Disclaimer – Just because this cream worked wonders for me does not mean it will work for you. Everyone’s skin is different and responds differently to skincare items and treatments. 

Since I was a teen I’ve always struggled with acne with has gotten progressively worse as a result of my anxiety and stress. My spots are usually red, sore, irritated and cover the majority of my chin and jawline. I have tried every method and remedy you can think of including things from the doctors such as antibiotics and creams. Creams and cleansers never made a difference. The only thing I found to work was antibiotics which I don’t want to be on for the rest of my life.

My knight in shining armor husband saw an article about something called ‘Silver Serum’ and passed it onto me to read. I was pretty intrigued straight away and after a little googling found the companies (Skin Shop) website and some awesome reviews.

“Our ambition, since we started ten years ago, is to make the most effective natural skin care products for sensitive and complicated skin without the use of chemcials or steroids. That still remains our aim today.”

“All our products are chemical-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free and as natural as possible without compromising sensitive skin safety”

Most of their products are Vegan including the silver serum 😀 Vegan and cruelty-free. Win!

Over 400 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars. It looked pretty good.  “A Holy grail product” and “Life changer” are just some of the things people are calling it and for £12.95 that was all I needed to hear. The company also sells different ranges of products depending on your needs and a wide range of products in each specification so it’s worth having a nose around the website.

The silver serum is described as a “Smart bomb for Skin. Our revolutionary new Silver Serum is the first ‘smart’ anti-bacterial skin treatment. It contains a special silver ingredient that kills the bad bacteria while helping good skin bacteria”

I find a lovely blog that also promotes the products. This lady posted some pictures for comparison since using the treatment here.

Progress picture:

Image result for silver serum before and after

The product

I bought two bottles in my haste because I assumed they would run out of stock regularly which they did. Luckily I got my order before they ran out. The product comes in 50ml bottles.

The texture of the product is an off-white/grey cream and has random bits of silver in it.

In simple terms, Silver Serum is a very good antibacterial treatment cream, so it keeps the area of your face clean while healing your spots and reducing the chances of more spots appearing.

As I said, when I started my whole chin area would be red, itchy and sore with lots of white pimple spots. I cut all my skincare products out apart from using Marcella water twice a day to clean my face and then this cream 2/3 times a day depending on whether I’m wearing makeup. My spots haven’t gone but it’s getting better every day. I now have no irritated or itchy skin and it’s certainly not red anymore. All I have now is simple little spots that go quickly but I think this will only continue to improve.

I am amazed at how well this product is working in such a short space of time and I’ve not had any negative effects from using it no matter how liberally I apply. Heck, sometimes I just apply it all over my face as a night cream.

Can we also just take a minute to appreciate the beautiful packaging. Pretty and elegant.

I would highly recommend this beauty. 

My only small concern with this product is that it’s seen as a treatment and treatments can lose their effectiveness over time but I will conquer that hurdle when I get to it. It could mean just trying some of their other products and giving my skin a rest from the treatment. I don’t know, we’ll see but for now my skin is pretty fab and I’m very happy.

Buy here – 

Hopefully, it will work as well for you as it has for many others including me.

If you try it yourself I would love to hear and see your results. If you have other blogs you would like to see me do then please let me know. 

Thank you

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