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Christmas shenanigans

Hello, Christmas is over for another year. I’m sure some of you are probably still in celebration mode, drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies. As for me, it’s back to reality. Yesterday I was tidying the house and putting some washing on. As you all know I was feeling quite anxious about Christmas as per usual but it was a pleasant surprise. I was on Propranolol which really helped and we had a really good time.

Christmas day morning we opened our presents and headed to my parents where we sat at the table to have Christmas dinner (all 9 of us) which was superb. In the afternoon we headed to the in-laws for more food and some games. Cards against humanity with my mother in law is one of the funniest things!

I got lots of nice gifts. Bath bombs, mugs, a lot of Alice in Wonderland items which I love, including a wonderful mug I shared on my Instagram story and a cozy new dressing gown. Let’s see what else did I get…some cat slippers, a yoga mat, some exciting new books which I can’t wait to dig into. One by my favorite author Carole Matthews and another which is the second book of the Alice in Wonderland, Christina Henry versions which are a dark version of the story and are a big recommendation of mine. So many nice items and plenty of food for scoffing.

How was your Christmas? Did Santa bring you anything nice? I wonder how many people got engaged on Christmas day 🙂

Do your festivities continue throughout the end of December? I’m already feeling tempted to take our decorations down!

I would love to hear from you. 

Out of interest, is anyone raiding the Christmas sales or do you wait until the new year? I really want to go but my husband not so much.

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