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My Christmas Traditions

Hello, today I thought I would pop on and share some of our Christmas traditions in the household considering how close we now are to Christmas!

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Every household has different traditions, whether it’s from things passed down through generations or new ones they have started themselves. Ours at the minute are more focused on what we did as children as we don’t currently have our own family. Most of our Christmas we spend relaxing and seeing close-knit relatives and spending time with them. However, we do have a few traditions that we…how might you say…wouldn’t class Christmas without them….or at least I wouldn’t. My husband is friends with the Grinch.

Christmas Essentials

The tree 

Our tree must be artificial, it’s what I’ve always had as a child so this is very much a tradition I’ve carried on. In our household, we like to think of our tree as a clutter tree.

Normally filled with all sort of decorations and baubles that we have either made as children, my nieces have made recently or that have been passed down from grandparents or other family members.

It becomes somewhat of a monument to past and present and I love it. So many beautiful colors. We always use, tinsel and a bead garland. We also always have a star as we aren’t religious and always multicolored lights (I’m a 90’s kid).


In terms of presents. We never used to put them under the tree. As a child, on Christmas eve we would put our Santa sacks in our preferred place in the living room (normally a spot on the sofa) and in the morning we would enter the living room and gaze in awe and excitement at the mountain of presents for each one of us. It was super exciting. These days I have started doing the whole ‘presents under the tree’ thing. Usually the week before Christmas I put mine and my husband things underneath to open Christmas morning.

Which brings me to another tradition. Our presents between myself and my husband are almost always opened Christmas morning with just the two of us. It’s nice to have this little time for ourselves before the chaos of the day and it’s something we will continue to do throughout our years. When we head to my side of the family we open our piles of presents at the same time, casually and calm. When we head to the in-laws the presents go under the tree and are opened later on, usually at the same time.

Taking the tree down

I always like to hold onto Christmas for just a little longer into the new year but my husband is normally off for the first week of January so this is usually when we take it down. Then it get’s crammed into its dusty box for another year when we get it out again in the first week of December.

I agree that putting decorations up in November is too early but anytime in December is good for decorations in our house. Especially if you have spent good money on them. Make the most of that expense!

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TV Guide

This is a little weird, especially since we have Sky TV, but, every year without fail I buy the Christmas TV guide and go through it circling all the films and shows I want to watch. Usually between the 23rd – 5th January. Once I’ve picked ones I out I set them to record on the TV so I can watch them whenever I get a free chance (Normally boxing day up to the New Year I sit watching film after film).

These aren’t always Christmas related. Usually, they are but I often record typical family films such as Shrek (usually new years day) and always make sure to record Doctor Who as I usually miss it on the day.

Pantomimes also used to be on TV but I’ve not seen them for a few years to be able to record and watch the following year. I used to watch Jack and the Beanstalk and Aladdin every year without fail. I miss it! 😦

I also realize you can keep films recorded for the whole year, sometimes we delete some to make some room and other times we keep films and never delete specific ones.

Do you have films that you can’t go a Christmas without watching? Mine are The Grinch, Jingle all the way and Christmas with the Kranks. 


As I said earlier, we usually split our visits on Christmas day/Boxing day between both sides of our family. We only normally see close family at Christmas so parents, siblings, nieces, and grandparents with the occasional aunt and uncle if they are visiting. We like to do visits fairly. For example, this year we are heading to my family around 10 am for Christmas dinner, my sister and family will be there also. Then, later in the afternoon, we will be visiting my husband’s side for evening celebrations and a platter of nibbles. I’m looking forward to doing visits in one day and then hopefully relaxing and taking it easy boxing day.

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During this time we also make sure to spend plenty of time with our cats. Usually nipping in to see them between visits and giving them plenty of nice food and treats for the day.

Games & Music

Games for our families are usually card games as a safe bet. Newmarket, cheat/liar, go fish (google them if you don’t know what there. All games we have frequented. We’ve also been known to play the traditional Christmas games, monopoly, Pictionary etc. Recently my father and brother have been getting into board games more and playing the more advanced strategy ones so maybe this year we might have a go with one of those at some point over the holidays.

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On the other side of the family, it’s often Newmarket and any games that myself and my husband take around to play. We once played go fish, the first year myself and my husband got together and when I was asked if I had any fours it became a running joke to quote ‘Got any fours Kim?’ every second anyone gets a chance to. ‘Fours Kim’ – ‘Foreskin’ (Get it?). I don’t mind the humous really, it just makes me feel part of the family.

Music is a big part of my Christmas. As soon as they’re on the radio I will be playing them none stop.

Image result for christmas musicChristmas morning the music will be blasting out on our speakers as we’re opening our presents and it’s normally playing in the background when we visit relatives. Music is a big part of Christmas. Do you agree? It’s always the Classics with us as well, sung by the original artists rather than the pop remakes.

To finish

In terms of other traditions, Santa’s cookies, food for the reindeer, lighting candles. We don’t really have any. We used to do a lot of them as children but because we don’t have any we focus more on time visiting family, watching Christmas films and enjoying each others company. Maybe in the future, we will create some of our own traditions or jump on board with some of the more recent ones such as ‘Elf on the shelf’.

What are your Christmas traditions? Do you have any that are unique to your family? I’ve heard of some people always having Chinese takeout for their Christmas dinner, I would love to hear yours! 

What are your plans for Christmas this year? 

Merry Christmas!

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