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Penelope’s Christmas

Penelope’s Christmas is a short story inspired by a creative pursuit to write something in the mind of as a child. It gave me a chance to try something now and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. It is a great read for pulling on the dark strings of Christmas rather than your typical soppy or happy Christmas story because sometimes this is the reality for some people. The hardest thing about writing this book was definitely trying to write it in the mind of a child, realising that children aren’t going to be as great with the descriptions and then trying to portray this and her fear on a page. It was a challenge but it was also a great learning curve and a new experience that I wouldn’t mind repeating in the future. Are dark stories your thing? Let me know below. Personally, I love how dark stories touch on the things you wouldn’t dare speak about, in reality, death, murder, secrets, all of that dark matter. It’s what makes it such a creative gem to write about and maybe not something everyone would want to read but certainly something I love writing.

Make sure to have a read of the blurb below to see if it’s something you would love. Links to buy are below the image. Thanks.

Waking up screaming, a terrible nightmare holds onto Penelope’s thoughts, as she tiptoes around her home in the dead of night in hopes of finding her parents. Unbeknown to the little girl, she’s not the only shadow lurking in the dark.

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