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Ikea- The Kitchen Island Saga

Hello, a little bit of a nagging blog today but I thought it would be nice to get it off my chest. This is our pursuit of an Ikea kitchen island which began with research. We spent a few months on and off the Ikea and then finally settled on this beauty we fell in love with.

IKEA STENSTORP kitchen island

Disclaimer – This blog post sounds negative towards Ikea. My experience in this situation is but they did what they could and did help to resolve the situation. We still love Ikea. 

First visit to Ikea – We checked stock online which said it was due for delivery the following day. When we got in touch with customer services they said to just turn up in the morning and stock should be there which is what we did. 10 am we were there ready when the Ikea opened. We went straight through towards the exit and spoke to a staff member about the item we had come for because the self-service computers weren’t yet on. He said that it wasn’t in stock. That’s it. No explanation just that it wasn’t in stock. Stil, we were hopeful. We did some shopping and 3 hours later asked the same Ikea staff member if it definitely wasn’t in stock. We were met with a very poor attitude and a stern no about getting our dream kitchen island. We returned home with a car full of bits we probably didn’t need and waited.  We set up a reminder on our phones so when the Ikea items would come back into stock we would get an email. This week we got that email. We weren’t going to make the same mistake twice though so this time we rang up and made sure they were in stock before we even left.I also emailed staff members at this time hoping for some better advice on how to secure the kitchen island and all they could say was that it’s a very popular item.

Our second visit – The guy on the phone told us there were 8 in stock. So, with a leap in our step we got to Ikea that day at around 11 am. Same again, we went straight through towards the exit and nipped onto the computer to find out the aisle number. The system told us to contact a staff member for reservations, so we spoke to a staff member (coincidentally the nasty man from our previous visit) and he told us it was now reserved. We were handed a bit of paper that confirmed this and were told to pay at the tills and then head to the collection point. We did some shopping before heading there. Sitting at the collection point waiting for our order number to pop up on the screen a lady behind the desk says, “you’re not waiting for order number ****** are you?” Our hearts sink…again. Apparently, it’s not in stock……. checking the internet, it still says on the Ikea website that it’s definitely in stock. Apparently, it’s sky stock so it’s not actually stock and we should have asked the person on the phone this morning to check for actual stock rather than reading it off the computer. Like we were going to know that!! Anyway, we had to be refunded for the order because they don’t have the stock. However, a nice lady wavered a delivery for us and set everything up when we gave her our annoyed sob story about our efforts to get the kitchen island. Plus, she wished us a Merry Christmas and gave us two vouchers for free lunch in the restaurant (My husband used one but I didn’t because of my dietary requirements).

So, current situation. We will be getting a call from the delivery drivers around the 20th when they collect the item. They will ask us what time and day to deliver the item. The payment for the item will be done by bank transfer as normal (almost like it’s currently being held ready to transfer) and the delivery will be free because of all the palaver we’ve been through…

This isn’t including any breakfast bar chairs btw. We will have the kitchen island (hopefully) but we still won’t have any chairs for it…….


This better be the most wonderful breakfast island ever and have some major magical powers.

Anyway, that’s all for now, just thought I would binge my story onto your forgiving souls.

Have you had a similar experience in Ikea? I would love to hear about it!



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