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Life updates – Christmas spirit, New hair and Minecraft

Hello Beans

Just checking in, I haven’t forgotten about you all. As it’s getting closer to Christmas my motivation is lacking for my writing so I haven’t done a lot at all over the past 2/3 weeks. I’m hoping to get back on track when Christmas is done with. In the meantime, I have plenty more time for Christmas pursuits and plenty of time to blab on here.

Recent life update, I’ve changed my hair…again. Not the most surprising news I know if you keep an eye on my hair dye timeline. I’ve opted for a more neutral colour with hints of bright colours on the tips that I will be changing from time to time. I’m still heading around the colour wheel towards red.  I would have done a tutorial on this but it was so easy to do and I’ve already done tutorials on Ombre hair that was a lot more exciting and complicated so check that out if you wish.

Here’s a picture, it looks more black and purple on the ends in real life.


Notice the Christmas cardigan and wreath in the background. Totally not an accident for the picture.

Fun story about the hair dye. It’s Superdrug’s own brand semi-permanent in Black. I offered to boxes off their site. When the post arrived I had one box and then a box of Nise & Easy in medium brown for some reason. Still waiting for a reply to my complaint to sort the situation out. However, because I am always so eager to dye my hair we nipped into town last night to get another box of black hair dye from Superdrug as I need two for my hair. It was on offer for two boxes so we bought two which meant that I now had 3 boxes of the same colour. A happy accident in a way because I had to use all 3 boxes to cover my super thick hair. I will update the situation when I finally hear a reply back from the email I sent, I’m not sure if they expect me to send the brown hair dye back or if they will just do a refund.

Christmas is fast approaching and I am super excited. This time last year we had just got married and were getting ready to move house as well as losing a much-loved member of a family and having a funeral around the same time. It was tough and stressful so I can only predict this year will be a lot less stress-free. I’ve already got all my Vegan chocolate ready to take round to family.

Image may contain: food

There’s also a Tofurky roast sitting in the fridge which I will be getting up to cook Christmas morning so I will be having this on my mother’s Christmas dinner this year.

Do you have plans for Christmas? I would love to hear about them.

In further news, myself and my husband and been really chilled out and happy recently. We haven’t been overly stressed about anything and I think we’re both excited for Christmas which has us in good spirits. At the weekend we started playing Minecraft again and have been playing it most evenings since. We struggled a lot to commit to video games, often opting to sit in front of the TV and watch Netflix most evenings. I love video games though so I really need to try and set some time aside for hobbies such as games and painting and reading.

Maybe that should be a new year resolution? Hobby time?

Do you have any new years resolutions yet or any hobbies that you want to try and get back into or start as a new one?

That’s all for now I think 🙂

Christmas wishes beans.

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