Vegan Christmas Gifts

Soy Not Steak

This Christmas, you could buy the vegan in your life a bag/mug/coaster/etc. with the word ‘vegan’ printed on it. Or, alternatively, you could check out some of the considerate present ideas I’ve come up with, which are a bit less ‘what the hell do I buy a vegan?’, and a bit more ‘I put time and thought into this gift’. Enjoy!

The Goodness Project Hampers

I can personally vouch for these as I got a Vegan Chocolate and Snack Gift Hamper for my birthday. They all have a big bar of Vego in, alongside 13 other treats. Highly recommend for anyone who likes chocolate!

IMG_8815LUSH gifts

LUSH is notoriously against animal testing and are really good at labelling their vegan products, making them a good shop for anyone in your life who likes a nice bubble bath or natural cosmetics. They have tons of gift sets for all different price ranges or…

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