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Matlock Anniversary Celebrations – Food, Walks and Christmas

Hello, Beans!

This weekend I went away with my husband for a couple of nights to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. One year of marriage, five years together and we’re still going strong.

Kimberley and Stephan (520 of 593).jpg

The location we chose for such lovely celebrations was Matlock, Bath. I have been wanting to go here since I went as a child and have fond memories of the place.

As soon as we got into Matlock we were pretty chuffed with the location we’d picked. A beautiful serene drive surrounded by forest and birds chattering. The view from our room was pretty fab.




Into the room, we were greeted by flowers from my beloved grandparents.

We didn’t stop in the room for long before we went for a wander in search of food. There were some beautiful decorations around the hotel and the town ready for Christmas.

Wish our Christmas tree looked this beautiful. Ours is normally a clutter tree.


Loved this bauble set up in town.


It didn’t take us long to settle on Thailand Number 1 for food. Happily, we realised that they have another restaurant in Lincoln so we will be going there before long I bet. They were very accommodating to my dietary requirements and the food was exceptional.

We also visited The Green Way cafe in Matlock for lunch the following day. They only serve Vegetarian and Vegan meals and it was superb. I had some pate that I’m going to try and make again at home (that’s how good it was). The salads are to die for! So many ingredients and flavours. Lovely place to visit if ever you’re in Matlock.


The cakes are pretty delectable as well.


We were only away for a couple of nights so we didn’t get a chance to do a lot. We spent both evenings in the hotel playing various video and card games. We had one full day there which we spend in the amusement arcades and went for a walk in the morning.

Now, this walk we went on was actually to somewhere called Black Rock. Which, if you have read my amazing book, you would know it’s one of the locations I have used in that. Not exactly the same, but the inspiration for the location was Black Rock and you will certainly see the resemblance in its description and the picture on the front cover. It was an extensive walk, very tiring, but it was delightful. We were the only ones there so it was nice and quiet and full of plenty of laughter in our staggered walk up the steep hills.

Here’s black rock.


Some amazing views when we reached the top.


Also, some views of this rock….


It really was a wonderful little trip for the weekend. We would definitely go back to Matlock again but would pick a different hotel.

24209955_10155950103833829_1048387042_oWould you ever go to Matlock? Have you been before? I would love to hear your stories. 

My husband has the rest of the week off now. We have a few plans which I will be putting up in another blog post to share my experience and then later on in the week we will be putting our Christmas decorations up! We normally do it on the 15th but my husband has agreed to do it on the 1st because it takes full advantage of the time off he’s got.  Exciting times! 

Thanks Beans



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