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Author Update – Christmas spirit and zombie outbreaks

Hello, a little update on my writing today. I have been struggling to focus as much on my Christmas short story collection recently. Maybe because we don’t have any decorations up yet. Either way, I’m not forcing it and I’m unsure whether they will be released this year or next year as a result.

In other news, it has allowed me to play around with some other ideas I’ve had for novels for next year and has allowed me to make a start on two of these. One of which is a Post Apocalyptic zombie themed story, I’m very excited about writing something like this as I love zombies and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying writing this.  Here is a sneak peek of that. First draft of course 🙂

“You’ll be safe there” were the last words that Hannah Cartwell heard her parents say as they threw her into the back of a car with her prized possessions and several other children. They were sent to safe zones in the mountains to be looked after by strangers. Supposed guardians. The government said it was the end of the outbreak and it would be temporary. Little did they know at the time, the virus was clever, too clever for them. It mutated and spread like wildfire. (Copyright Kimberley Jackson, 2017)

The other story I’m working on is a horror with a psychological sci-fi twist…but that is all I’m sharing at the minute. Can’t give you all the gory details now, can I?

I do have two Christmas short stories pretty much completed, currently, I’m saving them until the whole collection is ready to release, however, if you would really like I can release one or two short stories beforehand. Possibly do a competition to go alongside this. Let me know what you guys think.

Most of my sneak peeks I share on my facebook page and Instagram first so make sure to check those out. I also have a personal Instagram account with little life’s details.


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